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Update on Matt Morgan’s Return from Injury, The Nasty Boys Upset with TNA

– Matt Morgan has been cleared to wrestle and is scheduled to face Samoa Joe at the No Surrender pay-per-view. Morgan wrote the following on Twitter yesterday:

“First REAL chest workout now in gym. Rehabs been great,pec is reattached& im 100% cleared! Hardwork DOES payoff(those 3 a days=worth it!)”

– The Nasty Boys did an interview with Matthew Aaron at the Chicago Comic Con earlier this month, which you can see below. Jerry Sags says they feel betrayed by TNA after their brief run last year and feel that they could have done a major, long-term feud with Team 3D. Sags says TNA mishandled their time there and mistreated them.

  • RUSTanator

    arent the nasty boyz notoriously difficult to work with.

  • poko


    The Nasty Boyz are not Team 3D, even if they’ve all veterans. Honestly, Sags didn’t look that bad, but I was seriously afraid the other guy was going to die in the ring. He was horribly out of shape, even for a short TV match. I cannot believe he was cleared to perform. At this point in time, they are nowhere near the same league as Team 3D, and it showed. That’s why their run was cut short. They really have no one to blame but themselves.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    …Wrong grammar when I don’t bother to read as I type.

    Nasty Boys did, do*

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I hope you don’t mean their TNA feud because that was complete garbage that went nowhere. Nasty Boys were, are and will always suck.

  • Devil_Rising

    You know, they ARE veterans. Just because they’re Hogan’s pals, doesn’t mean they’re terrible. And for all you know, they could have had a great feud with the Dudley’s, who, by the way are by now ALSO old guys. I mean “What is this, the 90s”?

  • Charles Spears

    Maybe it’s the fact that they are Hogan’s buddies and the fact if they rub in the fact hogan will bail them out if in trouble.

  • StudDog

    Ho Hum, What a totally boring column. Did anyone really find this crap interesting?

  • theMark

    Yes because the Nasty Boys are SUCH a great team….what is this 30 years ago? back when they Thought they were in shape? Jus retire u old farts.