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Update on Nash’s Future with WWE, Inoki Furious at Gallows in Japan

– Former WWE star Luke Gallows made his IGF debut in Japan on February 5th in a match against former WWE star Sylvester Terkay. The match apparently started hot but died as WWE Hall of Famer and promoter Antonio Inoki was furious at ringside.

Inoki told booker Masahiro Chono to go out and stop the match. Gallows and Terkay apparently knew as Gallows hit a spinebuster out of nowhere for the win.

On the same show, former WWE stars Shad Gaspard and Bobby Lashley teamed up and lost to the team of Eric Hammer and Atsushi Sawada.

– At first, WWE was just looking to bring Kevin Nash in for the Royal Rumble and then work a Legends deal where he would be used for promotional appearances and the occasional TV appearance.

Based on the strong reaction he received, it’s still possible WWE will bring Nash back for a match but nobody expects him to be brought back as a regular. Nash will be doing things for WWE like first day ticket on-sale appearances and the occasional guest speaking gig in developmental.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Nicholas G

    You know what is so funny about Kevin Nash. A couple of months ago he was ripping both WWE and TNA. When the Miz first won the WWE title he was saying how wrestling is a work an was kind of raining on the Miz parade. He also was ripping Wade Barrett from time to time. But then again who was the one who those Nash over the rope at the Royal Rumble. It just goes to show many of the people who will bash Vince Mac on the internet and former employee that Vince is really not all that bad to his wrestler as IWC would like everybody to think. I mean look how much of a life Nash has now. He is getting paid money to sit at home. He will make a few in ring return once is a great moon. But not much of a work scheduled if you ask me. I it leads me to one question is Kurt Angle going to be next. Yes he ended up resigning with TNA. But maybe he might look at the type of work load Nash has now an start thinking hey that is a better deal then I have right now. Then you are going to have another guy who rip Vince ended up coming back in the end. Because like or not much like Kevin Nash. When Kurt Angle in ring career is almost up don’t be surprise if he ends it in the WWE. It just a smart business move.

    In closing yeah maybe Kevin Nash not one of the most grateful wrestler of all time. But got to admit when it comes to the wrestling business all together. Kevin Nash is not that stupid.

  • Triple H

    Repot: Most likely he may of taken a pi$$ instead

  • Triple H

    Report: Nash indeed took a b.m. today

  • kyle

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ful of win

  • ChrisDV

    Just in: Kevin Nash may or may not appear someplace, at sometime.

  • Stockshark

    Just reported Nash will be Vince’s personal Azz wiper!!!

  • andy was kinda vague on what happened in Japan…

  • Buttercastle

    They forgot to say Nash also probably wakes up before 10am, but if not probably after. Also he either Has frosted flakes for breakfast or scrambled eggs but nobody is really sure.

  • Ronald

    W-E is the absolute BEST at reporting just about every possible scenario that might happen. Wow… no wonder you guys are never technically wrong. That’s journalism at its best, by far!

  • coz the match died on its a r s e

  • Anon GM

    why was Antonio furious?