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Update on New Stars Coming to TNA, Tonight’s Big iMPACT


– Regarding new faces coming into TNA, it’s said that the company has 6-7 confirmed names that will be coming in soon, if not tonight on iMPACT then in the next few weeks.

Rumored names like Sid, Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam are not expected to be there tonight. Heyman may not happen at all and Van Dam’s reported signing has not been confirmed. Sid is expected to come in soon but was recently injured overseas. It is confirmed that Angelina Love has re-signed with TNA and with the company requesting the entire roster tonight, she is expected to be there also.

Scott Hall and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman are said to be pretty much a lock for tonight’s live show. Hall was telling people at the Hulk Hogan debut party yesterday that Waltman would be with him on iMPACT. Hall also was overheard saying they were trying to get Kevin Nash to dye his hair dark again.

TNA has reportedly asked the entire roster to be in attendance tonight, including Sting.

  • stockshark

    I anyone is listening Hogan keeps saying he is coming in as a Vince McMahon type of charater and not as a full time wrester. Why would he be to old for that????? And even if he wrestles occasionaly whats the big deal?

  • scooter

    spoiler alert**** guy is a moron and wasnt invited to hulks party boo ya

  • Mark

    agree with Gav, hogan is too old and the others have had their day. time to look to the future Now with new stars.

  • guy

    spoiler alert**** at the TNA debut party hogan has his nWo facial hair with the black beard and white stache.

  • jm

    cant wait for HALL, SID , X-PAC, AND the ole gang

  • gav

    it surely cant just be me who thinks this is slowly turnin into somewhere for hogans “boys” to work so they can get a big payday without having to go and work for vince. he is making the same mistake as he did with wcw and taking in stars who have already had their run what happened to making new stars