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Update on RAW Going Three Hours, Jericho’s Black Eye, Rumble News

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Atlanta at the Philips Arena drew an advanced sellout announced at 16,697 fans with about 13,500 paying for a gate of $800,000.

– Several WWE Superstars were brought into the Royal Rumble on Sunday and didn’t know until the day of the show whether or not they were in the Rumble match, given the empty spots and any last minute changes.

– Chris Jericho was saying that his black eye came from an accidental shot in his match with R-Truth at the SmackDown tapings in Cincinnati. It was believed by some that the black eye came from his taxi incident with Gregory Helms.

– Sources confirm that WWE and the USA Network are seriously considering having RAW air for three-hours each Monday night if TNA goes to Monday. WWE officials did not like the idea last year when USA pushed for it but now they are considering it.

  • NTex

    does vince wanna create his own wcw is that it hes gonna ruin his company

  • Mannul

    So is RAW going to extend Cena’s matches now? Does that means his matches will be him getting his ass kicked for even longer,then doing his same 3 or 4 moves at the end and winning?

  • scooter

    I agree james thats why he brought in Bret Hart on the night they went head to head

  • James


    They do have a hard enough time filling 2 hours. I don’t believe WWE is even actually considering it. I’m pretty sure it’s just the USA Network. I sure as hell know Vince doesn’t give a **** about TNA.

  • Alicia

    well u dont take a mug shot right away either.

  • Matt

    woohooo! 1 hour of extra Cena promo’s and smackdown recaps!


    3 hours not a good idea, i remenber when WCW was 3 hrs and it got cain of boring

  • jim

    2 hour raw shows are hard to bare let alone 3 hours.but for those who say vince dont take tna seriously apparetnly he does if he is considering 3 hour shows.

  • stockshark28

    3 hrs of Raw damm so does that mean we get 1/2 hr more of DX and the other have goes to Cena?

  • Joe

    no but if he got hit in the eye you would have been able to tell. he was way to relaxed in the picture. drunk yes so it’s possible it’s from his match with r truth

  • Jason

    black eyes don’t come up right away alicia

  • Jeff

    3hrs of raw? i dont think somebody is going to want their child sitting infront of the TV for 3hrs every Monday.

  • Alicia

    um, that black eye couldnt have come from that. it wasnt in his Mug Shot.