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— Many within WWE feel that Triple H won’t go back on a full-time wrestling schedule upon his return to the ring as he’s transitioning into a corporate position with the organization. He’s had more authority at events in recent weeks.

— Chavo Guerrero has been donning the Swagger Soaring Eagle costume in recent weeks.

— Charlie Haas took to Twitter to comment on Kaval’s release from WWE today, calling the organization ‘classless’.

He wrote: “Sorry to hear the news of Kaval being released. Especially before Christmas. What a gift. Shows how classless WWE is. Low Ki ur better off … Anyways. Kaval is one of the best talents in the world. No doubt he will prevail else where. Much respect and love for him.”

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • jim

    they have stuff for husky harris who didnt win NXT…Alex is in a big story with miz and he didnt win NXT and got caught drinking and driving.yet kaval wins NXT and gets fired due to nothing for him lmao wwe is stupid.

  • The King

    hes so damn bitter i swear to god..this dude should be so thankful cuz if it werent for the socalled “Classless” WWE as he calls them… he wouldnt have what he has now & he sure as hell wouldnt have his wife & Kids…cuz if he hadnt been in the WWE he wouldnt have been able to have meet his sexy wife & be guaranteed the best sex & Head of his f*ckin life cuz i know for damn sure that alone id be greatful for to have a wife like that who would F*ck me & Suck my D*ck anytime but over all jackie is a sweetie..but yeah be all bitter charlie…got a new gimmick for u…”im nothing but a Bitter Haas(a Bitter A$$ is more like it)as for Kaval im not suprised cuz this dude has a pisspoor attitude has had it for years its no secret thats why he dont last in any promotion..talented yeah but hes not worth the headache

  • Christina

    They should give michael mcgillicutty a shot on his own since he was the runner-up of season 3 of NXT. Get him away from the Nexus!!

  • killerbee

    @ erik funny ,but wrong he will be the Philadelphia Eagles new mascot

  • erik

    Well if wwe does release chavo. chavo can be new mascot for the atlanta hawks!

  • http://yahoo.com marikani

    wwe also will be released to chavo,chris master, ryder,

  • Zach V

    matt i hope u were not serious as kaval is very talented, however, did haas forget to read the part where kaval asked for his release

  • Bryan


    I guess you never got to see his work before he signed with WWE.

  • Matt

    Kaval brought nothing to the ring. He was Talentless and had no personality. Now then, WHY the F**K is Vickie Guerrero still around?

  • venom

    This is WWE randomness. Remember in 2005 when they released Morgan, and The Dudleys the night after they all wrestled.

  • CM Mark

    Wow. You sure is clever. LOL.

  • CC

    At the end of the day, its not the first time WWE, WCW, TNA, ECW, ROH or any other wrestling company has released someone or stopped working with them because they have nothing for them, and it wont be the last.

    Haas has been released and gone back to WWE in the past, and I am sure he would rejoin them again if they offered, so I take everything most wrestlers say with a pinch of salt.

    TBH, as good as Low Ki is in the ring, he really doesnt have any presence as a character, which is pretty much the same as guys like Shelton and Haas. As much as I love watching them, they just dont excite the bulk of the fans who watch to see “characters”.

    And lets face it, by not having a cruiser weight division anymore, guys like Low Ki really have very little to do other than being squashed.
    Rey Mysterio’s underdog gimmick will only work for Rey, so anyone else who isnt exactly big, is gonna suffer.

    At the end of the day, who gives a damn about what wrestler A or wrestler B thinks about the situation (or a nobody like Borash), the only person who’s opinion matters, is Low Ki himself.

  • rikardo

    see what i did there lol thanks alhow
    wwe really are whatever it is i wrote there


    @Rikardo Ha I like that comment

  • rikardo

    what F kind U of C crap K is I this N wwe G makes I some D dumb I decisions O most T of S the time.

  • Buttercastle

    I was just about to say the same thing. Instead of keeping around talent, they decide to keep BOTH Guerreros who are next to pointless for anything people want to see on tv. I guess after Eddie died they got a life long contract that allows them pointless airtime.

  • Eric Nixon

    So Kaval gets released because WWE doesn’t have anything for him, but Chavo has been spending his time in an f’n bird costume.

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