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Update on Plans for Monday’s RAW, Trish Gets a Cover, AJ, More

– Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus is on the cover of the new issue of Next Big Thing magazine:

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– RAW General Manager AJ Lee has an interview coming out in the next issue of WWE Magazine.

– The RAW crew is headed back from Australia to Chicago for Monday’s WWE RAW. We don’t have official numbers yet but fan reports indicate strong attendance for the shows.

– Speaking of this week’s show, word is that we can expect a big angle with WWE Champion CM Punk in front of his hometown crowd.

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  • donners

    his turn has already completely happened, just that some of you have missed the point of it.

    cm punk is a ‘face’ that feels wronged by several people in the company. unfortunately, the people he feels that have wronged him are also faces. by going after them and trying to get them to acknowledge that he’s the champ and leader of the company, he becomes a heel.

    he doesn’t see it like that, which is why he still hasn’t openly said anywhere that he’s now a ‘bad guy’, but his actions are saying something different – it’s pretty smart and subtle.

  • JK

    They need to do something major that solidifies and puts a stamp on his heel turn. Pull something out that really pisses the home crowd off making them erupt into a riot atmosphere. Not sure what that is but if anybody could turn a hometown crowd crazy Punk would have a good chance of pulling it off. Would be a difficult task though.

  • Jake

    What if he bought an actuall pipe bomb ?!?

  • sam

    one of the questions i want answering monday is will WWE have him as the hometown hero, or get him to turn on the chicago crowd, obv they will want to cheer punk

  • mike

    Off topic but this is my dream/realistic wrestlemania card…thoughts?
    Bryan/ziggler for the whc
    10 man mitb
    Sin cara/Mysterio
    Kharma/phoenix/natayla for the divas title
    Seth rollins/sandow for the IC
    Punk/Austin (no holds barred)
    Brock/Rock (wwe title)

  • Supercena < Divorce Papers

    I really hope management isn’t dumb enough to try to get the Chicago crowd to boo Punk by making him say stupid things about Chicago. Hopefully it’s not a cowardly Punk and more of the Punk that we saw last year at MITB.

    I’m going to lol if Cena comes out first and gets boo’d right to the back.

  • IrishRhyno

    Ant,depends what SES Punk you’re talking about,SES vs Rey: yeah,SES vs Show: no…What about Punk in 2009 vs Hardy? He was great then aswell.

  • Bill

    This is where the huge storyline that should’ve happened at Raw 1000 or Summerslam needs to happen. Maybe a huge return, maybe a shoot promo, maybe an amazing hardcore spot, I don’t know. I’m worried they’re building NOC as MITB 2, except Punk is the corrupt champ & Cena is the underdog. Bottom line is, they need to do something big. WWE has really let us down as of late.

  • ant

    nope SES CM Punk was the best

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    Big angle???SO far his heel turn has been crappy….
    I dont like the fan pleasing punk, but I also dont like his cowardly version either….The PUNK that won the title from cena and ran with it was the best.