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Update on Punk’s WWE Status, Former Writer Gets a New Job, RAW, More

– Former WWE creative writer Chris “Big Dick Johnson” DeJoseph announced on Twitter that he’s now working for CBS’ Big Brother show. He wrote: “I loved my time at WWE but working on a new show is damn refreshing!”

– Stan sent word that last night’s three-hour edition of Monday Night RAW had 34 minutes and 12 seconds of in-ring action. This is about the same as the normal two-hour shows.

– Nat Geo will air a documentary on independent wrestling on Wednesday, August 24th at 10pm EST. “Slammed: Inside Indy Wrestling” focuses on independent wrestlers and promotions, having followed different wrestlers for the last year and a half.

– The latest word on CM Punk’s WWE status is that he is still planning on taking a leave of absence. Those close to the situation say Punk feels like he hasn’t been treated like a top guy. WWE officials are aware of how Punk is feeling.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • CM Mark

    First of all, the ONLY reason he was in the main event Monday was because of him leaving I would say.

    Let’s go over the facts.

    1) Punk more or less CARRIED the WWE for most of 2009. What did he get for it? A 2 ppv title run and Jobbed to Taker at NOC.

    2) Since then, what have they done for him? He built up Serena and Gallows and SES, which was cool, but they never REALLY pushed it. They didn’t even give them a measly tag title run. They Serena went to hell and they RELEASED Gallows for whatever reason.

    3) Next they let Rey Rey cut his hair off. WOW, that was really fun stuff to watch. Granted they had a few good matches, what exactly did Punk get out of any of that but bald?

    4) Next he’s off to RAW. I’m thinking yes. this is it, FINALLY a REAL push. He got hurt pretty quick but once again he CARRIED raw for weeks as an announcer. We all remember this stuff right?

    5) So he returns to RAW after the injury and they start jobbing him to good ‘ol one move RKOrton. Again and again he loses on tv and at the ppv’s Orton.

    Not ONE title has Punk held since 2009.

    Tell me exactly how he’s been treated like a TOP guy now? Maybe a TOP jobber.

  • Moe

    U ain’t Awesome…. your an idiot!

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Fuck cm punk, he’s this generations bret hart. Just a big crybaby plain and simple. Yes R Truth deserves a title shot, the guy has been bustin his ass longer then cb (cry baby) punk has.

  • W-E all star

    CM sucks is awful! cena beet him soooooo many times now and randy aswel. cant wait untill batista comes back and beats him too! cenation4 life! anyway how manyu times has cm sucks been champ? 3? cena is a ten time champ. mr mcmohn fire cm sucks and nexus

  • Broski of W-E

    Punk is this generations Y2J. WWWYKI

  • Mitchell W

    wow, 34 minutes of wrestling from three hours.
    wrestling is only 1/6 of actual wrestling these days..

  • Mark

    i dont think being in the main event is enough for this guy. he’s too brilliant, he should have a solid heel title run punk is heavily favored by the fans right now who wanna see him play his classic heel persona which is amazing. think of all the great top feuds he could be havin

  • shawn

    let me elaborate on just one thing. ha haah. they still produce nexus shirts (and changed their logo) so they should still follow through, especially if they dont sell well.

  • shawn

    @CC not the smartest thing you ever said because its quiet obvious. i agree, dont mean that as an insult! he has all of 10 or 15 minutes or so (not stanish) to make an impression on every or most raw shows. i dont blame the wwe for dragging out the nexus .. you know for obvious reasons already said about $$$cena.

  • venom

    I think Punk is upset because he lost every ppv match this year. We’ll see how Punk gets treated before he leaves.

  • Evil Doink

    I agree with CC above too.

    Just last night, wasn’t CM Punk in the main event against John Cena? A few months ago he was feuding with Randy Orton. How is that not being treated like a top guy?

  • CM Mark

    Oh yeah R-Truth really deserves a title shot before Punk…

  • Bill

    Punk IS not being treated right. He hasn’t won a PPV match in over a year! Michael Cole has won more PPV matches in 1 yr. than a main eventer in WWE! What the hell? Imagine Chris Jericho being booked like Zack Ryder….

  • Unique

    ^^^ @CC Smartest thing anyone has said on here in a while! Agreed!

  • CC

    Not to say he couldnt be treated better, but there are loads of wrestlers in the WWE who would kill to be in the position he is currently in. The guy is still regularly feuding with other main eventers, where as you have other former champions either feuding with mid carders or barely on tv at all.

  • CM Mark

    Maybe when Punk returns creative will have pulled their heads out of their collective a**es.

  • Digger

    As much as i want Punk to stay in WWE mainly caue he’s the only good thing about iy, he deserves to be treated better. Get rid of this nexus bullshit and bring back SES if he has to be in a faction at least that shit was entertaining.

  • IchiroVader

    I look forward to Stan’s reports.