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Update on RAW Anger Management Skits, Vickie on AJ, Sheamus

– World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is now using his Twitter account at @WWESheamus.

– Vickie Guerrero went on Twitter and played up the storyline of wanting RAW General Manager AJ Lee out of power. Vickie wrote:

“The child that is running RAW needs to go find her doll and go to bed!!! @WWEAJLee #pastyourbedtime”

– We noted before that independent wrestler Scorpio Sky, who was recently featured in TNA as Mason Andrews, was the guy who played Harold in the anger management skits with Daniel Bryan on RAW. The skits were filmed in Los Angeles last week at the WWE tryouts. WWE reportedly used a lot of indy guys as extras so expect to see them over the next two weeks when the skits will be airing. Sky tweeted during the RAW skit last night:

“I’m laughin’ straight to the bank with this. Ha ha ha ha haaaa”

  • Will Henderson

    while past GMs in the WWE have gotten very physical, they never really got in trouble for attacking someone. AJ is not exception to that rule. in fact to draw heel heat. Vickie tries to get AJ fired, but fails at it, instead the board puts AJ on Probation or rehashes the Stone Cold Steve Austin do not attack unless provoke rule angle from 2003 where Stone Cold can’t stun people without them pissing him off first.

    plus i still see AJ not lasting much longer as Raw GM, she could her lose power at Survivor Series when she decided to put her Raw GM title on the line in a traditional 5-5 Survivor Series elimination match in which she has 5 superstars fighting on her behalf against Paul Heyman or Vickie Guerrero. if it’s Heyman that gonna play the manager of the heel team, then Brock Lesnar will be the team captain, and AJ would have to convince HHH to return to be the team captain of Team AJ get some of Brock again. if VIckie is the heel manager, then it would be Dolph Zigger as the team captain and AJ has to pick the guy feuding with Dolph when Survivor Series rolls around.

  • Litahashugeb00bz

    @gorgeous girl

    I bet your not gorgeous at all

  • Sammo

    @gorgeous girl

    I bet you sleep in an “IT’S REAL TO ME DAMMIT” t-shirt.

  • lol

    @ gorgeous girl you give me the impression that you believe this is legitimate heat. I bet you cried during Triple H’s retirement angle.

  • gorgeous girl

    vickie guerrero whether you like it or not aj is the general manager of raw and that is something that you will have to accept and deal with after all you were being disrespectful to aj lee saying things about her that were not nice so can you blame aj lee for attacking you? goes to show you vickie guerrero you have to watch what you say to people and a bout people as they have feelings and are human and you have to also remember like it or not vickie that aj lee is your boss as she is the general manager of raw so you have to show respect

  • Sammo

    Sheamus said a couple of months he’d never use Twitter because he aspires to be an old-fashioned type wrestler who doesn’t want that level of communication with fans.

    Way to sick by your guns!