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Update on Ryder & RAW Last Night, Another Possible WWE Release, Sunny

– WWE Hall of Famer Sunny will be appearing at the Dawg House Bar & Grill in Hallandale Beach, Florida this coming Sunday.

– There were lots of chants for Zack Ryder last night during RAW from his hometown in Long Island. The louder chants came during the Sheamus vs. Santino Marella match. One fan in attendance said Ryder got the third biggest reaction of the night when he came out for Superstars – right behind Steve Austin and John Cena’s pops from the crowd.

– This isn’t confirmed but it appears that WWE has released second generation star Wes Brisco from his developmental also as he was removed from the FCW roster page yesterday. Brisco is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco.

  • U ain’t Awesome

    Ryders popularity is from a internet show and not from wwe so they wont use him. And the more people push it, it might happen but he’ll be a jobber

  • Ryder=Lame

    As much as the 10% want to see him, 90% dont know who the hell he is besides the edgeheads/ dont care to see him on wwe tv, boo boo boo

  • venom

    I want WWE to start releasing useless guys on tv so we can see new guys on tv.


    @mark His sudden popularity is coming from watching is online TV show Z True Long Island Story, everyone is starting to like the show and his character as well, and now we actually want to see him on Raw (and not superstars which nobody really watches). The show is also responsible for Scott Stanford’s sudden popularity as well, most people didn’t know who he was before the show unless they watch superstars.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Cena was getting booed like hell on Raw! I need t clean out my ears apparently…

  • mark

    for long as zack ryder has been in WWE he hasnt been involved in any major storylines since the edgeheads. Dont understand his sudden popularity either

  • shawn

    im just waiting to see a ryder match so i can actually like him. ive seen some matches of his but did not really watch. and i dont watch youtube much anymore.

  • Pissed Off Fan :(

    WWE has messed up ALOY lately! Not letting Christian hold the WHC longer and now Zack Ryder not on Raw?! Fuck the lil kids and give the people want they want!


  • U ain’t Awesome

    I hope ryder gets released

  • Ryan

    even jericho wants ryder on raw!

  • Tony A.

    I guess ryder wasn’t good enough to make the “All star team”

  • Jimbo

    Whatever anyone 18+ wants, they won’t get. Vince does this on purpose. You need to be 17 and younger and buy merchandise to see the wrestlers you want.

  • erik

    zack ryder is getting release. woo woo woo you know it. vince likes big strong jack up steriod freaks like cena hhh and roidtisa. little zack will never be champion.

  • Rucdogg

    wow they couldnt squeeze the guy in a 3 hour show,lol.

  • Hunter

    No point, they will edit it out.

  • Bill

    I’m watching Superstars this week to see that pop…

  • Daniel_Bryan_fan

    wow released wes
    that guy was real talented man
    what ashame
    it only a matter of time that ryder gets a major push

  • Mike

    Woo Woo Woo… know it