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Update on Undertaker’s Health, Austin Likely at WrestleMania 27, More

– Top WWE stars like The Undertaker, Edge, Triple H, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and others are traveling in top of the line tour buses, which is a tax deductible business expense. For televised WWE events, Cena travels with Michael Cole as the two are best friends.

– There is some concern on The Undertaker as his recuperation from the recent surgery is going slower than they had hoped for, even though he’s worked hard with physical therapy. Taker’s match with Triple H at WrestleMania 27 is expected to be the main event.

– An appearance at WrestleMania 27 by Steve Austin is highly likely as there is talk of presenting the Tough Enough cast to everyone at the big show in Atlanta.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • David

    HHH wont win this is the one thing taker will always be remembered for..but no worry i’m hoping that HHH takes the WWE and take it back yo the top…

  • shawn

    @CiB i do think he was kidding.

  • add95

    haha funny@The King

  • CiB


    Yes, because it’s perfectly reasonable to expect someone to walk over the world when the company tours. Ignoring how he gets from Florida to (say) Torronto on foot, on time, without leaving so early that he misses the preceding 4 shows- what the hell does he do when the WWE tours other landmasses? Swim?

  • The King of Kings 69


    i bet that u wouldnt say that shit to his face now would u?

  • rick

    Big Show doesn’t deserve a bus, they should make his fat ass walk.

  • someone

    Wasn’t Del Rio going to main event at mania???

  • Trixie

    why is taker main eventing again? I mean yeah his matches with hbk were good, but he really doesn’t need to main event anymore

  • Kelly

    Matt: That would be nice but I don’t even think Austin knows if he could still wrestle.

  • Jeff

    why is it so funny that cole and cena are friends? Am I missing something here?

  • Jon-Jon

    Cole turns on Miz at Mania!!! Breaking kayfabe!!! CALLING IT NOW!!!!! Hahahaha

  • Matt

    “Cena travels with Michael Cole as the two are best friends.”


  • nick

    would loveee to see an austin/rock faceoff instead of miz/cena/rock

  • dsfghj

    yes break the streak and goodbye undertaker… i used to love him but is kind of the same every time with taker, i liked more his american bad ass persona

  • damkat

    Taker owes HHH nothing. The streak cannot end.

  • WWE Champion

    Rock and Austin at WrestleMania? Hell Yeah.

  • KitKrock

    Taker owes Triple H a job.
    So Triple H will win at Mania 🙁

    RIP the streak.