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Update from Wade Barrett’s Lawyer, WWE’s WCW Clash DVD, News on Reks and Hawkins

– WWE’s Best of WCW Clash of the Champions DVD and Blu-ray officially hits stores today. Jim Ross commented:

“WWE’s Best of WCW Clash of Champions DVD available tomorrow. I got an advance copy and it brought back tons of great memories. Rasslin’!”

– Tyler Reks will be on WWE NXT alone this week as his partner Curt Hawkins is headed to Brazil and Ecuador with the RAW brand.

– Here’s the latest from Wade Barrett’s Twitter:

“My client, Mr. Barrett, has maintained a keen eye on both #Raw and #Smackdown since his demise. However, he wishes to make no comments at present. Regards, Peter Lazarou, Esq.”

  • donners

    demise could loosely be translated into ‘end’, which could be used to describe the push he was getting at the time – it doesn’t have to mean the literal sense, as in ‘death’.

    my take on this, is that he will either attatch himself to, or play a part in the lawsuit angles on raw. he was injured by accident, or though ‘negligance’, after all – the lawyer thing could just be the start to the build-up to his return, who knows where it might go….

  • oLyOsso

    Ok smart arses! Get a grip!

  • rob

    doesnt demise insinuate terms of ending i.e death or departure? he was injured not killed. i wonder if otunga is his lawyer

  • CC

    What sort of lawyer would say “maintained a keen eye” and “since his demise”? Neither of those comments make any sense as the words are used in the wrong context. Must be some cheap ass lawyer as lawyer speak is far more structured and wordy.