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Update on WWE and TNA’s Deal for Flair’s HOF Appearance, Dixie on TNA PPV Buys

– It was reported around WrestleMania 28 that WWE had agreed to send one of their talents to TNA, most likely for a DVD appearance, in exchange for TNA allowing Ric Flair to appear at the Hall of Fame ceremony. Word came out later that the talent WWE would be sending likely had a history with Ric Flair, Sting and Hulk Hogan.

We don’t have a full report from her appearance yet but TNA President Dixie Carter appeared on Busted Open Radio earlier this week and talked about how it was an easy decision to allow Flair’s Hall of Fame appearance.

Dixie added that in the next few months, we would see something come out of her allowing Flair to go. She then said that is all she will say and probably said too much already.

Dixie was also asked why TNA pay-per-view buys were in the 10,000’s when they get around 1 million people watching Impact per week. She said that is not true.

Source: PWInsider

  • Rob Buck

    The only thing I can say about it is, even though it probably is only a DVD appearance, it doesn’t seem like that’s all it is. Idk, I’m probably wrong, but I could see WWE sending a superstar over and maybe doing an angle with tna. When ECW invaded WWE in the 90’s, Vince said “Why not get the other guy over while introducing something new to your own product. I would have done the same for WCW if they asked me to.” Once again, I could be wrong.

  • Shawn

    It’s most likely Dusty, baby! Also, the part Dixie meant was untrue was the ‘10,000’ PPV buys. No WAY they’re getting that many buys. lol

  • Gorilla

    @TomC….I respect your post and agree on most of it,and my prediction might be a little soon but it will happen

  • TomC


    The whole “two brand WWE thing was stupid from the start and resulted in watching the SAME matches week after week after week. WWE’s decision to go back to a “one roster” type of show programming (even though they still have the two show brands) is – albeit a small step – a smart move toward getting back to the kind of programming that made WWE great to watch in the first place.

    Another thing WWE needs to do is BRING BACK LEGITIMATE TAG TEAMS – not just thrown-together makeshift teams. The WWE titles have very little relevance these days. There needs to be ONE WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION – not two. The INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE needs to MEAN SOMETHING again – as it did in the days of Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior.

    As for TNA … I don’t think ANYONE with an ounce of intelligence sees a WWE+TNA merge anytime soon – other than the cool CAW characters one can create/download on WWE’12.

  • No Name Required

    Did it say it was an on screen personality or could it be someone like Arn Anderson?

  • I agree with Jason for once. The TNA PPV Buys were “Not even close” to what’s been reported.

  • Gorilla

    Tna and WWE are going to merge and that is why wwe has done away with their 2 brands it will be raw and impact now

  • SYM

    Look guys to ignore Jason you gotta listen to X-Pac’s theme while reading his Comments!

  • Dx

    Guarantee it’s Nash he just said he would go back to tna if they had something for him that something is getting paid to do a DVD for them n still getting paid for being under wwe contract

  • Nicholas

    @ Jason there are people on the internet that will believe anything they read on the internet. It is sad because there was a time were you could watch wrestling an not worry about what is being said on the internet. I don’t worry to much about the internet because most of the fans on the internet are really only 5%. But most of the 95% of the wrestling fans could careless what happens on the internet.

  • Jason

    LOL I told you TNA haters that the PPV buys reported on the dirtsheets were wrong as hell. Not even close. LMFAO

  • poko

    ant is right, letting Flair go to the WWE HoF induction by itself was a good business move, never mind getting something extra out of it.

  • ant

    @greg..r u complete moron or just business illiterate??..if u can get a wrestler from ANOTHER company to promote and essentially put over YOURE company i mean thats a good business move either way u look at it from both angles cuz now flair is a 2 time hall of famer

  • Greg

    Thats a stupid deal here we will let you use our tna guy and you can let us use your wwe guy for our dvd that we could make without a wwe guy anyways.. How dumb is tna really???

  • Jon

    It could be Kevin Nash also but who knows in he even sign with the dvd.

  • Jon

    True but by the sounds of it, it would had to been someone they face at WCW. Booker has face all three of them in the past compare to R Truth would problary competed with Sting once.

  • SYM

    The DVD will be a 10 Year TNA DVD & will probably have Ron Killings aka R-Truth talking on it.

  • Jon

    I think we can dig that sunka on a TNA dvd. It would have to be Booker T on that dvd.