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Update on WWE’s New Stable, Backstage WWE Title News, More on Sin Cara

– Another reason for WWE officials being disappointed in Sin Cara going out is because they have no Superstars on TV wearing masks during the Holiday season, where masks are a big seller. WWE also had a big stunt planned for Sin Cara at the 2012 Royal Rumble that obviously won’t be happening.

– As noted before, WWE has plans to put Primo, Hunico, Epico and Rosa Mendes together. The team is being set up for a run with the WWE Tag Team Titles.

– Alberto Del Rio had actually been planned to lose the WWE Title at Survivor Series for a while. Back when he first won it, the long term plan was for CM Punk to win it at Survivor Series. The loss and win back between John Cena was thrown in while Del Rio’s reign was going on.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • stockshark

    Why not just stick someone else under that Mask again! Maybe Suicide is availible!

  • RUSTanator

    hunico – looks like chavo with that headband on

  • Edo. Risk

    @ KGM. I hear u. But i don’t think Hunico is the guy to lead the LW divition, not with guys like Kidd, Trent and Tatsu.

  • venom

    I have a funny feeling this stable will end up getting released because Sin cara is injuried.

  • Devil_Rising

    Stables = nice.

    But tag-teams = bad ass.

    WWE really shit the bed when it came to the Hart Dynasty. They had solid gold in their hands, and they wasted it, by NOT really doing much with those kids when they had the chance to. The only time they pushed them was when Bret was around. As soon as he left TV again, almost immediately the Harts got pushed to the background. Then broken up, just like WWE does with every REAL tag team these days.

    And to think, just a few short years ago, WWE had a lot of really good REAL teams, like Cade & Murdoch, London & Kendrick, The Mexicools, The Colons, etc. Now? I’d really like to see this supposed “New Tag Team Division” that HHH (according to these sites) allegedly wants to build back up. Where is it already?

  • KGM Da Master

    Hunico could hold his own if WWE would stop bsing and actually schedule some of the light heavyweight talent. Lets be real, Rey is a giant killer. At 5’8 (and thats generous) he’s beat One Man Gang (ECW), The Giant/Big Show, Sid, Kevin Nash, The Undertaker, etc. If there was a dominate big man, Rey not only stood toe to toe, he usually won. Hunico has Rey like capabilities, he needs to be the “head” of this light weight division to show he can move forward. He was quite impressive as Sin Cara, some say even better than Sin Cara Azul. Vince is known for letting talent get misplaced by giants and muscles. Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson, for example, both big ass dudes but technically couldnt wrestle a freshman on the worse high school team in every state. Thats just how much they know about the sport. Your loss Vince.

  • adam

    I wonder what this stable will be named. and @generic troll. Actually it doesnt because everyone in this group can actually go in the ring and from what i have heard they are all decent enough on the mic. Mexican america on the other hand anarchia is horrible in the ring the group is only around because they didnt think hernadez could survive on his own. Now the same could be said for hunico but my only argument is hunico it is believable he couldnt be on his own right now because of his size. Hernadez was supposed to be a HUGE main eventer.

  • Generic Troll

    Anyone think this resembles that of TNA’s Mexican America Stable :\?

    Also between Rey and Mistico getting injured thats going to really hurt that record for most masks in a match thing they had planned for mania hey? Probably going to be held off for a year is my guess..

  • Stevie P

    I’m glad they’re adding in multiple stables. Now they gotta keep them together for longer than a month.

  • John

    @d They basically wanna put as many title reigns on him as they can so he can hold the record and rub it in Ric Flair’s face.

  • d

    Yup because cena desperately needed that title reign