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Updated Roster for WWE’s All Stars Video Game

– As noted earlier, Randy Savage has been revealed for WWE’s All Stars video game which comes out on March 29th for the Xbox360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP and Wii.

Below is the updated confirmed roster for the game:

* Jim Ross – commentary
* Jerry Lawler – commentary
* Howard Finkel – ring announcer

* Bret Hart
* The Rock
* Steve Austin
* Randy Savage
* Andre The Giant
* Ricky Steamboat

* John Cena
* Sheamus
* Triple H
* Big Show
* Rey Mysterio
* John Morrison
* Kofi Kingston

  • someone






  • donners

    it’s different to svr, because it’s a bit like streetfighter – less realistic, more exaggerated graphics and things like a multi-hit combo system and over-the-top moves.

    from the reviews i’ve read, it’s shaping up to be decent – nothing like svr and a million times better than legends of wrestlemania was!!

  • Jay

    i like the concept of the game. it looks fun and the character models take the “over-the-top” nature of WWE to the max. i’m hoping the decide to finally put some 70’s era wrestlers in a game.

  • Hunter

    No different to any game yet with the exception of the Macho Man.

  • TheStinger&Rock

    Ok this is exactly the same s.h.i.t.. as SvR games..whats new about this? No Tony on the announcing table, no Goldberg, no NWO, no Sid, no Steiners, no Masked Kane, no Rikishi, no Meng, no Giant Gonzales, no Flair, no Booker T( no Harlem Heat) no Buff Bagwell, no Kurt Angle, no Batista and the list goes on !These were all stars and sure most of them were under WCW but hey WWE purchased it! And I do not think that when they update this list, there will be any new names besides Juan Cena.

  • dan

    ok looks crap 🙂