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Updated WWE Business Numbers, News on Cena’s Ring Gear

– John Cena has officially retired his “jorts” jean shorts ring gear and will be going with camouflage shorts moving forward. He will be rotating different colors of camo to represent different branches of the United States military.

– Many of WWE’s key business metrics were down in September from the year before, including attendance (down 9%) and DVD sales (down 44%).

– The following are the most-shipped WWE DVDs of the year:

* WrestleMania (229,000 units, down down 9.5% from 2010)
* Best of WCW Nitro (135,000 units)
* True Story of WrestleMania (118,000 units)
* The DX DVD (109,000 units)
* Best of Raw 2010 (96,000 units)

– had only 10.4 million unique visitors in September, which is down 10% from the year before and the lowest month in several years.

– WWE Shop did 667 orders per day, down 13% from the year before. The WWE shop had a big spike in August due to CM Punk’s popularity at the time and was shipping almost 1,100 orders per day that month.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    Cena is getting too old to wear those jorts. lol.

  • b c mitchell

    I’ve accidentally gone to the Bravo website for Americas next flamboyant fashion designers. I could’ve sworn I was going to a site about pro wrestling news and such

  • CC

    the problem is, the camo shorts look even more ridiculous because they look too small, and certainly dont go with nike or reebok style wrestling shoes.
    If he is gonna go the camo route, he should go with longer trousers similar to what Matt Hardy used to wear, or what Jomo wears. And change those ridiculous trainers for something thats more army boot like.
    He’d be better with a similar combination to what Shad used to wear when he was part of Cryme Tyme.

  • SusyRko

    Then to skinny jeans then to leggins haha

  • Devil_Rising

    Oh MAN. So he goes from little boy shorts, to fake red neck/military shorts instead? AWESOME.

    That Cena man. I tell ya. He’s a trendsetter.

  • fivogoeswest

    Personally the jorts never bothered me. Hell they were a million times better then every other superstar with their generic ass butt huggers they wear.

  • RAMSES 2

    Finally no jorts short he was looking very ridiculs with jort at 34 years old