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Vader Praises Heath Slater, Frustration Over Talent Recruiting, Mysterio, John Laurinaitis

– Rey Mysterio comes off suspension next week and is still not advertised for any live events or TV tapings.

– John Laurinaitis is no longer the person putting together WWE live event lineups. Michael Hayes is now in charge of that.

– When it comes to recruiting talent, the frustration is back that Vince McMahon wants the athletes recruited and signed to all be bigger, more muscular guys.

– Vader was praising Heath Slater for his work in their match on RAW two weeks ago. Vader would like one more run but his knees are shot and he’s got a bad back.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Dave

    2 opponents. In his early WCW days they put Vader in a 20-1 handicap match against 20 jobbers. Now that is what you call a squash match.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    FEED VADER two more opponents, Stan Stansky, and Arthur Rosenberg!

  • Dave

    He’s 58 years old for gods sake. And weighs a hell of a lot. And has had a career in a business notorious for being one of the toughest on the body. So I’m not surprised he isn’t going to be able to perform regularly. It was just an honour to see him perform one more time.
    You still got it!

  • SYM

    We are back to the 80s with this whole Muscular Wrestler Deal -_-

  • J-J

    Hopefully Slater gets a push later this year. He always showed promise but has really come along in leaps & bounds with his in ring performances over the last 6 months. With a little bit of character tweaking he could make a very good IC/US champion..

  • yofits

    Who shot vader knees?

  • Albert

    were back to this bullshit again!! We don’t need any more big dumb muscular guys! We want to watch pro wrestlers, not body builders trying to be pro at wrestling kwehciuefvcreivgrtf4oi5ujrt984uytf8hjcfiewhcfewicfoio4uhfo4thf!!!!!!!!!!!!!1