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Velvet Sky Expected To Part Ways With TNA Wrestling

Velvet Sky has either finished or will be finishing up with TNA Wrestling shortly, according to numerous sources within the organization. One source noted Monday night that she is “as gone as can be without having pen to paper.”

Her status with the organization has been tenuous for several weeks, although she’s been in negotiations for a new contract. However, many believe she is on her way out of the company.

Sky last appeared for TNA at a BaseBrawl event in Memphis, Tennessee on July 14. She is presently booked for a Legends of the Ring convention in Monroe, New Jersey the same weekend that TNA holds its annual Bound for Glory festivities.

Sky is one of the most popular females in TNA and has been with the company since the advent of the Knockouts division in October 2007. A former Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Champion, she was recent cast in a Montgomery Gentry music video through the company.

Her former “Beautiful People” mate, Angelina Love, also recently left the promotion.


  • adam

    @keylo have you scene how kelly dresses when shes on TV or Eve. I dont think they would stop that. The good thing is when it happens you wont have to hear taz annoying piggons line just tryign to be the king but he isnt as good .

  • keylo

    I see a lot saying she and Love should go to WWE, why ? as you think she be showing her arse and bending over like that in PG WWE ? If so DELUDED springs to mind

  • adam

    @luckysalt. She might of just said that becasue seh was under contract and didnt wanna say yeah im leaving. If she leaves i could see sabin following her. I say a big part of her leaving was the fact that Angelina left and teh backstage fallout with brooke.

  • luckysalt

    She only said a couple of weeks ago that her and Sabin will be in TNA for years to come, they aren’t going anywhere, when asked if they will be following Shelly out the door.

    HMMM can’t see TNA letting go one of their hottest properties, if this is due to a fallout with Brooke backstage or something I’ll be pissed

  • KingAlbert

    Ha and you chinese cocksukers saying TNA womens division is amazing, its falling apart, so suck my cock faggots.

  • rko

    TBP in WWE? It would make things interesting in the diva’s division.

  • adam

    I could see her and angelina going to wwe. Alot of people are leaving tna now with shelly being gone there are rumors that the dudleys are leaving wth is going on

  • scsa852k

    I’d love to see Velvet and Angelina in WWE

  • Apacaveli

    Say It Aint So Cuz Velvet Sky Is So Hot And Sexy We Wont Be Seeing Her Letting The Pidgeons Loose If She Leaves.Go 2 WWE Sexy Hotty Totty Velvet Sky.