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Velvet Sky Granted Release from TNA Wrestling

Velvet Sky gave some insight to her status with TNA Impact Wrestling on her Twitter account. Here is what she wrote moments ago.

Velvet Sky ?@VelVelHoller
I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and …

And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove

  • King

    Welcome to WWE Baby! cant wait to see ya in WWE…fuck TNA they are a sinking ship…im glad velvet left she deserves better than that toilet bowl company

  • eric

    yeah russo thing is when russo has someone editing his work. telling russo if it is good or not. he does great job. wwf during attitude era he had vince mcmahon checking his work and storylines and angles for wwf in 1996-1999 that why attitude era was great. also tna was good writing untill hogan bischoff show up in 2010. to many cooks in kitchen in my opinion. yeah angelina love and velvet sky as tbp in wwe could save divas divison. give divas a great top heel faction. velvet sky and angelina love have that look vince and wwe likes. they could be just as over as mccool layla laycool faction was in 2009-2010 tbp would be good heel faction in wwe. divas would get some tv time again. so yeah tbp in wwe would be good for divas divison

  • 1919dpg

    now that she has a following she can enter porn with confidence.

  • Bawb

    If Russo was the guy who came up with them, good for them all. Let’s face it, the is either very good (WWF) or very bad (WCW).

  • Rucdogg

    vince russo? tna is so much better without that guy. you always hear of “heymans guys” maybe the bp are “russo’s girls”

  • mark

    wow she is beautiful