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Venis Comments on Ryback, Cena Tends to Young Fan, More

– Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Katrina Waters (Winter, Katie Lea) noted on Twitter that she recently filmed a commercial for Doritos, likely a Super Bowl contest commercial. Another former WWE Diva who says she filmed a commercial for Doritos is Shelly Martinez.

– Former WWE Superstar Val Venis says he likes Ryback but is not a fan of his Shell Shocked finisher. Venis tweeted during RAW on Monday:

“I like Rybeck(spelling?) but dislike his finish. For such an impressive performer, Ryback’s finish is really weak looking. Hell, Ultimate Warrior’s shitty finish looked better than Rybacks.”

– There was an incident at Tuesday’s RAW live event in Glasgow where a young boy fell over the fan barrier as he tried to get one of John Cena’s wristbands. The boy apparently fell on his head. WWE crew members quickly rushed over to make sure he was alright. Cena then came over, sat with the kid and hugged him before taking photos with him.

  • alex

    the meat-hook as a finisher,better.even khali gets chopped off with the meat-hook

  • Hunter

    His choke in to a powerbomb was far more impressive.

  • Whitewing

    Shellshocked? Diffrent? Its basically a theatrical Samoan Drop, the whole marching thing is a bit silly in itself.

  • scooter

    In fact I’m not done. Saying get rid of the kids is actually morally disgusting, essentially your saying those 300 or so make a wish kids who Cena has visited shouldn’t get to see something they love and shouldn’t be allowed to have someone they look up to visit them and to give them hope. Essentially your saying those kids don’t deserve any of this and that they should be kept away. I honestly hope you choke on some fruity pebbles you piece of shit!

  • scooter

    “Get rid of the kids from the audience”
    Uh huh getting rid of the ones who actually buy PPVs instead of just streaming them would be a great idea. Oh wait isn’t wrestling generally aimed at kids? Doesn’t the avergae person who is not a wrestling fan think that wrestlings for kids? Stop bitching I find Cena boring but I’m damn sure glad kids have a role model like him than say Jeff Hardy!

  • I salute John Cena. And I kinda like Shell Shocked. Its different.

  • mtlhitman

    They keep on bitching Cena but he is what he is the top face the only guy around who is around for over 10 years he is good with the kids loved by womens what can we do we dont want him as top wrestlers but stuff like that make him where he is today.Val Venis comment was funny and true lol he could keep the shelshock as a trademark move insted

  • @SaveUs.150FPS, nah , you’re Faggot monkey ass thought we hate on cena Because of him , it’s because of his Character , yeah, Kayfabe, but dump assess like you dont get it ,#Creative Has Nothing for You

  • LOL @ Venis ‘s remark on the Ultimate warrior

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Did Cena give the kid jesus juice afterwards and touch him in his special area? When something goes wrong to a little kid is it always Cena’s obligation to pamper them until they stop crying? I got a better idea, instead of worrying about Cena turning heel because all the little kids might cry at night, why not just get rid of the kids from the audience and as an aimed demographic so that you can put out a better product to make better merchandise sales to people who actually like watching wrestling for WRESTLING instead of people who just like watching Cena beat up the evil bad guys?

  • mabry

    see, this is why Cena cant be heel… am not bitching btw, but the guy has a conecction with kids and they love him, and he seems like a pretty nice giu with them!!!