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Vickie Guerrero Suggests That Michelle McCool Is Pregnant

Vickie Guerrero suggested Friday on Twitter that retired wrestler Michelle McCool is pregnant as she said her former WWE associate is expecting a ‘bundle of joy,’ which is another term for baby.

“My surprise party was flawless for Michelle McCool!!! Great lunch with friends and family. Im so excited for her bundle of joy!” Guerrero wrote.

McCool is married to The Undertaker, who will face Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII on Sunday. She stated earlier this week on Twitter that she would be on hand for the ‘Mania festivities in Miami, Florida.

Despite her retired status and apparent pregnancy, the four-time champion is not ruling out a return to the ring. When asked this week on the microblogging site about the possibility of a squared circle return, she stated “time shall tell” and “never know” in two separate messages.

  • shorty

    Vickie Guerrero has no life

  • shorty

    And How Does Vickie Guerrero Know all of this and where does she get her information she is on the road with wwe (why for the life of me I dont know) several hundred days into the year so how does she have the time to keep in touch with Michelle Mc Cool? Michelle Mc Cool is married to Undertaker so do you think she has the time to keep in touch with Vickie Guerrero?

  • sam

    As if i clicked on this article because i thought the title read ‘Vickie Guerrero Suggests That Michael Cole Is Pregnant’ that would be interesting.

  • Batesy Boy

    I hope should this kid ever make it to wwe that they give him a name that has nothing to do with his familys legacy. Worked wonders for McGilligty and Husky Harris.

  • heyfit

    ewwwwwwww Michelle McCool let Taker put his wrinkly dead old penis in her vagina. gross.

  • black sincarsa

    so he gave her a tombstome …

  • Lord Barvis

    Gestate In Peace

  • Buttercastle

    So when is Vickie having her baby? Hasn’t she been expecting for like 3 years now?

    She’s not pregnant you say? Ohhh my bad.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    That kid is going to be 6’6″ before High School.

  • 1919dpg

    i always found mccool unattractive for some reason. loved layla though. layla has an epic ass.

  • Sting

    ohh yeah…taker is waxing that fine mccool ass baby!!!!!!

  • stockshark28

    Undertaker please keep her bare foot and pregnant so we don’t have to see her horse face on tv!!! Damn with her horse face and his horse face it will probably be a foal and not a baby!!!

  • Kamala’s other foot

    The question is, will Taker and McCool have another child who would play the role of Kane.

  • Jon-Jon

    Another little Taker running around? He’s gonna have a Flawless Deadman gimmick. He’s gonna set people on fire while he sprays hairspray in their eyes.

  • Thumper!

    Wrestlemania 50’s main event:

    Making his way to the ring weighing in at 295 pounds
    The Undertaker………


  • LSC

    Undertaker jr anyone?

  • Snark Mark

    “bundle of joy” may also refer to new, bigger breast implants.