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Video: CM Punk Responds to Chris Brown

– Below is WWE Champion CM Punk’s new video against Chris Brown. WWE featured the video on last night’s Super SmackDown special:

  • Justin Sane


    I’m not saying he doesn’t give a fuck, but why dwell on something from the past? Community service was what the judge ordered. Don’t blame Brown, blame this fucked up judicial system. Rihanna has clearly forgiven him, because they’re making music together, and she was the victim, not Punk. So why can’t everyone, including Punk, just get the fuck over it?

  • Stashathan

    The same ppl talkin shit about Brown are the same ppl
    who go home and beat thier wives. I cnt believe ppl are
    justifying that redneck scsa wtf he beat his wife and
    you guys are like “its ok” but then when it comes to
    Chris Brown your like “fuck that guy” that just shows how
    america is… Hipocritical… And you guys say he didnt
    apologize and act like you know anything about Chris Brown
    when you know you dont… Do your research oh and
    Rihanna and he obviously made up they made two songs
    together released just this week or last….. True Facts

  • Joe

    @Justin Sane: “It’s old news, Punk. Why didn’t you bring all this up two years ago when it actually happened? Are you that bored?”

    Because Chris Brown proved he doesn’t give a fuck. After he won the Grammy, rather than being humbled, he said something like “A Grammy is the ultimate fuck off.”

    He learned nothing.

    As for Austin: Austin, as far as I am aware, went through a period of sobriety, never once called himself the victim, and was pretty apologetic overall. He is still a piece of shit for hitting a woman, but his case can give some sympathy. Chris Brown paid no price and got a grammy in the end.

  • pro wrestling fan

    Chris Brown v CM Punk wrestlemania 29 please don’t do that shit WWEand if soooooo got dayum Vince has lost his fucking mind and if CHRIS BROWN DID WANT DO A MATCH PUT HIM IN WITH NEW JACK HE’LL. show him gangsta. Yup mass transit all over again I’d pay see that shit

  • Bill

    I truly respect CM Punk for saying this. I mean, in this business, it’s hard to tell who’s genuine & who’s not, & CM Punk is truly a genuine guy. Chris Brown is a dumb ass pop artist just like most of the others that have their heads too far up their asses to a actually be a decent person. In other words, Punk rules & Chris Brown sucks!

  • Justin Sane

    It’s old news, Punk. Why didn’t you bring all this up two years ago when it actually happened? Are you that bored?

  • Bawb

    I think the difference between Austin and Brown is that Austin has taken the time to reshape his image, especially after that strange spurt in time where he went nuts, left WWE, got arrested, etc. Chris Brown is a hood rat and has done relatively nothing to fix his image but sell successful music. People like it and are buying it and the ghetto immature piece of shit still considers himself above all because of it.

  • hbk fan

    stone colds a peice of crap just like chris brown and thats the bottom line cause well the world should think so

  • shawn

    if the article was about SCSA you best believe there would be people jumpin on their “soapboxes” about the subject. i was such a fan of his and told my friend he was an a-hole for doing it and there was nothing much more to it other than thinking “white trash”. now ive forgotten about it (while still considering DEBRAS feelings on the matter) and think hes a busy man with a schedule.

  • shawn

    ha ha ha .. “twitvid”.ha ha ha bringing up SCSA out of the blue.. ha ha ha ha THAT SNAKE ha ha ha ho.

  • JOE

    ^^^ thank you I swear the iwc is full of hypocrites. So its OK to forgive stone cold for beating debra ass?? What did debra deserve it more than rhianna? Now I’m not saying its OK to hit a woman, but its beyond annoying hearing people talk shit about chris brown for hitting Rhianna. While completely ignoring the fact that stone cold did too.

  • Ryan

    Hey! Do you guys know that Austin beat up his wife—twice? 😉

  • Buttercastle

    What do CM Punk and Chris Brown have in common? One says “it’s clobberin time” before a match, the other says it before a date.

  • Monty

    Did you see her face. They were no love taps.

  • Monty

    Once a women beater always a women better. There is none of this bullshit that he did it a couple of years ago so all is forgiven. I mean would you still say he’s done his time if she died as a result of the punch. Its not like Rihanna is a trained fighter of any description. Chris Brown is a coward, then and still.

  • JIR

    Yeah its an old subject nut I dare anyone in their right mind not to agree with Punk