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New Video from NAO, High Praise for WWE ’12, JR Comments on “Trending”

– G4TV called WWE ’12 the very best wrestling game ever made and other reviews coming in are very strong. They wrote on Twitter: “There might be tweaks to make @WWE ’13 a better product, but #WWE12 is, quite simply, the very best wrestling game ever made.”

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter last night regarding terms trending on Twitter:

“My gosh SO much is made of ‘trending’ on twitter. How bout more talk on stars & issues? As I said, big ups to ZRyder but a petition isn’t going to move needle. Appreciate the effort. #sauceit!”

– Below is episode nine of #OUDK with The New Age Outlaws:

  • Bawb

    Another thing: it’s actually getting mixed reviews, not high praise from everyone. Check out Metacritic. No Mercy got pretty much universal acclaim when it came out.

  • Bawb

    No Mercy for life. And I say this because of how many great stars are in it in addition to the controls. If only they took all the characters from all the wrestling games and put them in one game on XBOX 360 or what not. I’d sure as hell go ape shit. It’s just a shame TNA owns rights to names of former WWE stars.

  • get rowdy

    No mercy was better, WWE 12 isn’t bad though best 1 in a while

  • Tmrwisturkeyday

    Hell, I bet Day Of Reckoning 2 from Gamecube is a better wrestling game. That’s VERY high praise considering the classics made by AKI (No Mercy, Revenge, Wrestlemania 2000).

  • venom

    WWE 12′ is the best.

  • Satan

    WWE 12 is alright but best wrestling game ever made? No Mercy and firepro wrestling series beg to differ.