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Video: The Undertaker Returning to RAW on February 21st

– As noted before, WWE’s “2 21 11” video teasing a WWE Superstar is something for the February 21st RAW from Fresno, California.

New ads for the show that night announce that The Undertaker will be returning. Here’s the video:

  • andre lewis

    wes makes the most sense the promo resembled the film the crow just like wcw back in the day its not taker that promo didnt even look like a taker promo and barret barrets on sd not raw sting has signed with wwe i seriously doubt that thats taker thats bullshyt because wwe wouldnt hype takers return like this theyve nevered hyped his return like that everytime he came back it was a promo related with death remember in 2007 the death valley death chariot in the desert promo when he came back to feud with mark henry this has sting written all over it stings character is similar to takers taker is suppose to be an undead zombie sting is based on the crow who was a vigialnte who returned from the dead to seek revenge on his killers so both gimmicks are similar but the promo is sting not taker it doesnt make sense for it to be taker

  • Mordecai

    Lol I know this may be a long shot but I’ve noticed Macho Man wore a similar trench coat with boots attire when he was in TNA for a little bit…

    Dont believe me? watch

    Lol but I honestly think it would be cool if this video lead to the Stinger.

  • Daverulz

    the superstar in the video is not the undertaker, its sting. He signed with WWE back in January.

  • D’Andre

    i think that it mite be an undertaker imposter

  • could be taker to take revenge on the nexus on raw first before getting the corre back on smackdown

  • tonytonez

    you morons sting signed a 1 year deal with the wwe it is sting not taker taker will do something with wade barret you morons

  • jeff

    It’s for Skip Sheffield in his new Ministry gimmick,Duh!!!!

  • David

    It’s Vince guys, duh.

  • thetalkingbox

    or the long awaited return of

    Darren Young

  • marcum

    i hope that it is sting and it looks like its going to be him but watch it actually be balls hahoney

  • Wes

    this is not even close to undertaker style.

    undertaker would be something like tombstones, crows, dead trees.

    this a whole different style, shadowy might i add. Sting written all over the video but some i think are to blind to see that. no worries sooon enough you will come to realize your eyes were closed when you watched this video. 🙂

  • Sammo

    I’m pretty sure it’s to hype the return of Balls Mahoney.

  • thetalkingbox

    Its not a undertaker promo, why would they do one? they never have done something like this the last 345 times Taker has been injured.

  • Sting or Taker

    I talked with my brother about this last night. It is not Kong, there wouldn’t be a hype for a diva, they never do it that way. She’ll debut at a PPV. When 2 21 11 fades into smoke, the letters S-T-I-N-G appear. Sting is not with TNA. My brother thought it was Taker going to Raw until he saw the video. I looked for a picture of Sting, those are not boots. Look at the way the toes curve up, I looked for anything to link anything to someone, and that someone IS Sting. WCW themed WM, Sting vs. Taker. Sting will make a very interesting debut and challenge. *Lights go out* He comes down from the rafters into the ring, takes out his bat. Goes back up, the camera zooms in on the bat, *STREAK* is written on the bat. Sting vs. Taker at WM, epic challenge, definitely something he’d do. Damn I wish I was WWE creative!

  • Dan

    Waste of hype if it’s kong tbh apparently on Thai site stings signed with www :s

  • raw gm

    i got money on it being kong…unless she shows up sooner

  • Iesner

    I haven’t paid for a WWE PPV in ages but I will definately pay to watch Sting vs Taker..

  • Chris Andrews

    Sting is still on the TNA Roster on the TNA website; believe me I just checked.

  • adam

    Ya i dont think its taker because like Vinny said no symbol like the usally do. Also it said a new superstar so it could be black which i dont think so cause the guy in the video looked to big to be him and you never know sting might of signed with them once he saw nash and booker go back there.

  • Vinny

    sting was really removed from tna website????

  • xxxBATEZYxxx

    sting removed from tna PAGE!@!!!!

  • Vinny

    dont they usually have the Undertakers symbol on his videos before he usually returns so that you KNOW its undertaker? why would wwe be so mysterious about it this time?

  • dan

    erm tyler black is fucking sick! cm sucks u always write the biggest load of bs on here, lets put it this way.. would be the best thing to wwe since rock and austin if it was about sting but its not no offence to taker but its boring if its for him and i speak for many when i say this wrestlemania is going to be probably the worst one ever… hope wwe realises it and at least makes wwe 12a

  • Josh

    im down for some taker vs sting


    i really hope its not seth rollins aka tyler black that guy is a nobody and he sucks and the hype shouldnt be for a lame like that

  • Jeff

    One name we have completely forgotten. And a perfect for wwe to phuck this thing up…Awesome Kong….

  • Dave

    How bout Taker comes out on Raw and starts talking about his streak, and then Sting debuts coming down from the rafters, and says he wants Taker at Mania because he can end the streak. Then they feud on Raw leading up to Mania.

  • Dave

    Even if the video isn’t for Taker, I don’t get why he’d be coming on Raw when he’s supposed to be feuding with Barrett. I guess it’s just to build the hype more. Still think the video is for Seth Rollins aka Tyler Black.

  • Ronald

    WWE is not stupid. At least not that stupid. This video hyping the event on 2/21 was put out on purpose to throw people off thinking the 2/21/11 vignettes are for Undertaker. I do believe ‘Taker will return on 2/21, but Sting will also debut and that will set the stage for WM27. Remember, 2/21 is the night *after* Elimination Chamber and the first Raw leading up to ‘Mania.

  • Rich

    this promo IS NOT for sting..wish people would stop saying that…this has the undertaker written all over it..matter of fact it could be a new superstar with like a judas mesias gimmick or a dark gimmick..everybody just assumes its sting

  • effmenow

    Well the wait and hype and mystery around that video has just been shot to helll. That video is now considered a fail as it is not Sting.
    Take that WWE creative!

    Did anyone else chuckle at Michael Cole?

  • Adam

    Here comes yechiel to poke fun at the “pathetic geezer”. :/ It’s Hulk Hogan you should poke fun at, not Undertaker.

    Anyway, I hope somewhere down the line, WWE gives Undertaker a proper sendoff like they did HBK. He deserves it. I would say Ric Flair but TNA ruined it for him.

  • fcw-roh fan

    doubt the promo is for taker tho hmmm