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Vince Asked About Interest in Buying TNA, Comments on Blood & Extreme Rules

– When asked by a shareholder at Friday’s meeting about Extreme Rules, Vince McMahon said that you don’t need blood to be extreme, adding that people won’t tune in to the pay-per-view to see someone bleed.

– Vince was also asked by a shareholder if he had interest in buying TNA Wrestling. The shareholder asked, “When are you going to buy that three letter company that’s based in Nashville, TN, because they have the wrong people in charge of that company.”

Vince responded with a “right” and the shareholder continued on about how Vince needs to save the wrestling business from Dixie Carter and added that Stephanie McMahon has more brains than Dixie Carter, in his opinion. Vince responded, “I would hope.” There was laughter from Vince, Stephanie and Triple H after the shareholder’s comments.

The shareholder continued about how he thought Vince could fix TNA. Vince just responded with, “I don’t know that they are for sale.” After the shareholder suggested Vince make an offer and after more laughter from everyone, Vince smiled and said, “Well, maybe.”