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Vince Asked About Interest in Buying TNA, Comments on Blood & Extreme Rules

– When asked by a shareholder at Friday’s meeting about Extreme Rules, Vince McMahon said that you don’t need blood to be extreme, adding that people won’t tune in to the pay-per-view to see someone bleed.

– Vince was also asked by a shareholder if he had interest in buying TNA Wrestling. The shareholder asked, “When are you going to buy that three letter company that’s based in Nashville, TN, because they have the wrong people in charge of that company.”

Vince responded with a “right” and the shareholder continued on about how Vince needs to save the wrestling business from Dixie Carter and added that Stephanie McMahon has more brains than Dixie Carter, in his opinion. Vince responded, “I would hope.” There was laughter from Vince, Stephanie and Triple H after the shareholder’s comments.

The shareholder continued about how he thought Vince could fix TNA. Vince just responded with, “I don’t know that they are for sale.” After the shareholder suggested Vince make an offer and after more laughter from everyone, Vince smiled and said, “Well, maybe.”

  • Ray

    Hey Keylow? Shut up. There’s a difference between the WWE resurrecting -their- old storylines? And TNA using them, instead. Lmao.

  • xxthetokerxx

    vince should buy tna. then look at all the wrestlers n entertainers and put them into groups; pg n pg 13…. then u have 2 shows a week for each group. 4 ppvs mixed together of both groups n then the other 8 ppvs split up between the 2 groups. so now thats 12 ppvs a year. gives more time for storylines to devolp n talent showcased…….

  • RaTeD R

    i have been trying to watch TNA, you know give it a chance but the storylines are bloody terrible, i tune into WWE and its true the whole pg thing has made it dull and i find my self looking back at wwe from 2001-2006 times and it was far better back then, for instance ECW One Night Stand 2005-2006 were fantastic, but tonights ”extreme rules” ppv will prob suck balls, but all we can do is hope it will revert back soon.

  • venom

    Wow, there are still TNA marks out there. Why? If you want to see Sting wrestle, go watch his old matches in WCW. TNA is a time bomb, even the hardcore TNA fans know that. TNA doesn’t rush injuried stars to come back. Look at Hogan, he is always injuried.

  • Dan

    @Keylo TNA don’t rush back injured stars? Have they not just put a title on Mickie James while she was injured?


    @Keylo yea sure undertaker was rushed back for wrestlemaina but can that really be an argument after the whole Jeff Hardy thing a few months back….just saying. He was not fit to wrestle and they still had him go out.

  • keylo

    Ray your comment made yawn, double yawn, yeah Hulk the tosser will run back and accept Vince’s offer of a 20 yr contract he refuse 5 or so yrs back, not.

    And you talk of old story-lines lol as you are aware Swagger’s recent storyline a few months back with big Show is the Mr perfect one, Cena is late 80’s Hulksters one, how many more times will we see taker buried by Kane, Nexus = WCW/ECW invasion 2001, and last at least TNA dont have a little midget annoying the fuck out of people and one thing WWE/SOAP opera will never have The Stinger Man.

    Oh and forgot I dont see TNA rushing back injury stars like TAKER just to try get the numbers up for a PPV

  • Satan

    If i was Vince i’d just let TNA run itself into the ground there’s no reason to buy it out it’s not a threat to WWE in any way.

  • The only thing that i agree with is that Dixie Carter has no clue how to run a wrestling company, and she got the wrong people in charge.

  • Dannl

    It’s not good business TNA still has life left in it and everyone know that you buy low and sell high. TNA has farther to fall just yet. Let’s be honest, TNA makes WWE a better product just by being something different. What good would wrestling be if it were all the same, it would get boring. TNA, by being a second rate product, actually pushes more people to the better WWE, thus making Vince more money.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    The only reason to watch Extreme Rules IS for the blood. Plus with Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H all laughing together, I can only imagine Triple H hating having to still kiss ass and waiting on Vince to keel over.

  • Ray

    Uh. WWE -is- better than TNA. Want to watch -good- TNA? Go back and watch the WWE from the Attitude Era or evne last week. All TNA is, is old, recycled storylines from the WWE. That’s it. You little kids jump on the TNA bandwagon to ‘go against the big bad WWE!’ but the fact of the matter is? You’re fighting a losing battle. Why even bother? I’ll tell you why; because society, in general, is stupid.

    That said! TNA will fall, their talent will crawl to the WWE, including Hogan. And Vince, per usual, will win again. That’s that. Now get all riled up, start your stupid TNA chants and then finally just blow away when the WWE -does- put TNA out of its misery. kthx.

  • Steve

    I don’t see any reason for Vinny Mac to buy TNA, even if they were for sale. I think, if it came down to it, he’d just wait for them either to completely fold and then buy up the talent he wanted (Sting? Matt Morgan? Can’t think of many others), or simply let some other fool buy the company and then just wait for the decent performers to quit and come crawling to Vince begging for a job. I don’t think anyone can save TNA and I don’t think Vince wants to be associated with yet another disaster.

    Also, I think Dixie would love for Vince to buy out TNA. It would official confirm what we’ve all known for a long time: TNA = WCW 2.0!

  • keylo

    So in other words the shareholder wants no wrestling company to exist just soap operas like WWE.

  • Monty

    Vince could buy it out and then shut it down. Then wrestling fans will just have WWE with no competition and Vince wont have to have the running costs of TNA ie not paying 40+ year old wrestlers.

  • The Great One

    i hate vince so much, he made wrestling what it was, then destroyed it favour of making himself some more money

  • Treg

    lol wow. How dumb. Surprised Vince played along with all that heh.


    WTF makes WWE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good anyway? The Miz? Orton and his temper tantrum viper poses, with his ass all up in the air like he wants to get fucked by john cena? TNA’s full of 40 year olds? WTF is WWE full of? THEY’RE THE SAME SHIT! Both have alot of OLD wrestlers, and many young ones that are magically overlooked in wrestling-edge comments in favor of OLD people.

  • Martin Luther Wrestling

    WWE is not better than TNA
    TNA is not better than WWE

    they’re like PS3 and 360:
    they give you great things from time to time
    they fuck up, and no one forgets it
    they want your money
    Someone always hates on one in favor of the other despite them nearly being the same shit.

    Its borderline “racism in wrestling”
    you say fuck this company, stay away from it, it sucks, it’s good for nothing and ignorant…while the other company gets your praises.

    I’m here to say fuck that.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    Why would Vince want a company with a bunch of 40 plus year olds. He doesn’t need to buy TNA

  • JAck45

    lets be honest here, could Vince even afford TNA?
    Let alone, would he really want to buy a shipwreck? lol
    Theres no point buying TNA, It will die, all the talent will come crawling to Vince.
    No point wasting millions when what he wants will come to him in the long run.