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Vince McMahon Reportedly Down on Three New WWE Talents, Superstar Buried Backstage

– It’s said that Vince McMahon, who still makes all the key choices in WWE, is still not completely sold on Bo Dallas, Paige and Adam Rose. Vince is reportedly not the easiest person to get to accept new people as top stars.

Rose being off RAW this week is a sign that they’re starting to cool off on his character. Apparently WWE producer Kevin Dunn recently buried Rose backstage.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • real

    You know who Vince should get rid of that announcer jbl always talking like he have to sense



  • Mike Wells

    I think Bo Dallas is hilarious. I think you all just need to BOlieve a bit more!

    “I’m winning!”

  • what?

    I like bo the first time he came up to have a short feud with Randy Orton this time around is gimmick stinks

  • Kristoffer Binder

    my friends and i say he should be red skull. when he smiles all big he almost looks liek a skull head

  • anti bolieve

    Stef and HHH should let the wrestlers do their thing. It just hurts the ratings makes me want to change the channel. They are copying TNA. We want to see wrestling. Stef stay home with your kids and HHH stay in your office. Just tired of seeing the same old selfish duo. Who want to see evolution again. There time came and went years ago or does HHH have oldtimers and forgot we are in 2014 not 1996 again. Wake up shmuck!!

  • anti bolieve

    Bo Dallas needs a facelift! That smile is as stupid looking as his catchfrase bolieve. It should be bullsh*t! Just korny.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Never thought the Adam Rose thing would work. Hoenstly, I feel like that guy just doesn’t have charisma. Never was a fan of his as Leo or Adam. Paige will grow to him. She’s GREAT and has a lot of potential. Bo Dallas is someone that you gotta let him grow to you a bit. I didn’t like him either until I saw him live at Payback and he told Kofi to BOlieve after the chokeslam. BUT Vince probably doesn’t like him because Bo looks like he only lifts on his arms. He doesn’t have muscle anywhere else lol

  • Guest

    Bo Dallas just needs more time. I don’t see him as top tier but he would make a good mid tier. Not really feeling the Adam Rose gimmick. Reason being is because it really doesn’t look like it has a long shelf life.

  • jedi

    what gets over in a little place like NXT with almost the same fans every week dosent mean it will work with the “UNIVERSE”

  • nathan

    i think leo kruger would have been a much better charactor for tv

  • Matthew Farrell

    Vince can’t accept new stars, yet he wonders why WWE stock crashed?