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Vito Lashes Out At WWE For Calling Him A “Turkey”, Says He Won’t Be Bullied

Sports Axxess on PW 24/7
Hosts: Jerry Sorrentino, James Jefferson, and Joey Image
Full audio interview available at

Vito on the current pro-wrestling product: I watch wrestling on TV on occasion. Everybody says it’s all ‘cookie-cutter’ guys and there are no characters. There’s not much interest in the storylines because they’re not really believable and you can’t get into them. But you just have to go with it. I think CM Punk started out great but he kind of fizzled out a bit. The Rock coming back to TV was a bit plus. As far as TNA goes, I turn it on and I turn it off because it really doesn’t hold my interest much. And that’s not the fault of the guys that wrestle. It’s because of what they try to portray on TV. I think there just need to be more characters in wrestling and more people that can hold the crowd in general.

Thoughts on the WWE’s ‘Biggest Turkeys’ article published on Thanksgiving day: “I’ll tell you what. On Thanksgiving, I got an email saying there was something on calling me a turkey. At first I just wanted to enjoy the holiday, but the more I thought about it, the more I got mad. I was talking to Noel and decided that I needed to answer this. Once I slept on it, I really got angry. I realized they were trying to mock me and my career. I took it as a great insult especially since none of the guys on that list accomplished what I have in the sport of professional wrestling. Michael Cole, he’s an employee of the WWE. He can take it. I don’t know if some of the other guys on the list are still wrestling or if they care. A guy like Mike Adamle, I don’t know if he’s still announcing or if he’s employed by the WWE.”

“And for Sinn, as little time as he had on TV… he was mostly a developmental talent. I can see him getting a little upset. But a guy like myself doesn’t deserve to be on that list, to be called a turkey, or to made fun of! For all the accomplishments I have in the business, for all the people I have helped, for the amount of charity work I’ve done in the past fifteen years, I don’t ever want to be made fun of! And everyone that knows me that is listening knows I’m serious as a heart attack when it comes to wrestling. I am a perfectionist. I critique myself to the most. But I paid my dues in the business a long time ago. I’m not some green guy just getting started. I’m a veteran. I’ve been in there with the best and I’ve beaten the best! I’m still going to this day. I can still out-wrestle anyone out there. My skills are unmatched. I’ve perfected my craft.”

Vito opening fire on the WWE: They’re not going to bully me. They have their anti-bullying campaign right now. You can go ahead and bully whoever you want, but you’re not going to bully the best bully in the business […] If the guys down at had the guts to say it to my face, they wouldn’t be hiding behind their computers. When it comes to the office in the WWE, what were they thinking? How do you run your company, Vince McMahon? Are you really looking at what’s going on or are you letting everyone else run the ship? WWE is the top wrestling company in the world and that ship is run by one man.

“It’s not a bunch of guys with their hand in the jar and everyone trying to do their own thing. But I find this all disrespectful and humiliating. And no one humiliates Vito. You want to show me I’m a turkey? You think my dress wasn’t successful? Let me go show you how over I am. The people have been tweeting me, texting me, emailing me, everything. If you’re listening to me, WWE Universe, put me back in the WWE and let me fight the champion and I’ll show you I’m no turkey! You can’t bully me. I’ll fight for whatever I need to fight for! So if you’re a big Vito fan, hit up Joey Styles, call John Laurinaitis, call up the WWE offices and let them know how you feel!

Other topics covered in the interview include Vito’s long journey breaking into professional wrestling and establishing himself, the perks of the old territory system, wrestling Terry Funk for the Hardcore Championship, defining moments of his career, and much more! Vito candidly answers all questions and pulls no punches in this exclusive can’t-miss interview!

  • venom

    Ok, they took the article off and he is still crying about this. Vito was a decent wrestler, but I think he is taking advantage of this and thinks he it will help him return. I think because of this incident we will see him back at Survivor Series 2012, debuting as The Goobledy Gooker’s son.

  • Devil_Rising

    Why call Vito a crybaby, because he calls it like it is. No, he wasn’t a huge star in this business, but he did have extended runs at all three top wrestling promotions, ECW, WCW, and WWE. Most guys never get that. And he certainly didn’t choose his “Crossdressing” gimmick, I’m pretty sure of that. But it got him TV time.

    He was a member of the Baldies in ECW, and the Mamalukes in WCW. And the new FBI in WWE. Not a huge star, like I said. But he has a point. He is proud of what he’s done in his career, so who are any of you, or WWE, to belittle that? I think that was his point. Just saying.

  • Callum Leslie

    ….is anyone a “big Vito fan”?

  • Daniel Schein

    The article really should have been focused on the wild and crazy gimmicks rather than the actual wrestlers. In Vito’s case I can understand him being upset as the guy is an established veteran who’s won major titles and has had runs in WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, etc. and wrestled all over the world. Not to mention he’s a very good if not great worker. It’s a rough situation when a great wrestler get’s saddled with a goofy gimmick but Vito actually made the dress work and got over as much as one possibly could with it. Paul Burchill and The Pirate gimmick is another prime example of a top notch talent making a dumb gimmick work.

  • jerry sandusky

    anyone up for a shower?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Wasn’t this already posted? Maybe just a new article with a very similar title. hmm. He is crying about being called a turkey but fine that he wrestled in a dress, something is not right with the guy. Way to set an example for his children with him being a bigger man in what happened…

  • Superman

    Wow what a crybaby and I remember no contributions by him another ex wwe employee upset about not being in the spotlight trying to make a name for himself off the wwe just shut up and move on you turkey… By the way no one wants you back in the wwe

  • cropsy

    Jesus fucking christ they took down the article, what more do you want? Quit being such a turkey.