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Wade Barrett Suffers Injury During Raw Main Event, Taken To Medical Facility

The official Twitter feed of the WWE Insider says Wade Barrett suffered an arm injury during the 10-Man No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal on tonight’s Raw SuperShow.

Their statement reads: “BREAKING NEWS: Wade Barrett suffered an injury to his left arm during tonight’s Battle Royal and was rushed to a nearby medical facility.”

There was panic ringside after Big Show tossed Dolph Ziggler over the top rope onto Barrett and R-Truth, leading to the injury. Barrett was escorted to the backstage area with a splint on his left arm.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • venom

    I thought Dolph was the one who was hurt. He went flying into that table.

  • Jason L

    @ Ahmed

    Also the way he was flailing his arm. The spot looked totally sick and at first I was thinking Dolph is gonna be hurting big then I seen Wade like that and thought man they are both screwed.

    I wonder if there’s gonna be any heat on Big Show or if it was an unfortunate botch on catching Dolph.

  • Ahmed Johnson

    You knew he was really hurt when they were silencing Wade’s F bombs because you could hear the first one.

  • @ Generic Troll, sorry I screwed up your name in my previous post. Wasn’t meant as a dig of any type just a mental fart on my part.

  • shawn

    too bad. my guess was for him to be in the MITB match. having a splint on his arm sounds serious, but we’ll find out for sure. yes, probably broken though.

  • @ Generic Fool. From my understanding Ziggler went on to wrestle in the dark match main event after RAW went off the air. Not sure who he wrestled against.

    I’m certain he got his bell rung and I question the decision to let him go out and wrestle a match with a possible concussion but the fact that he did wrestle suggests that he wasn’t as badly injured as Wade Barrette.

    That looked nasty what happened to Wade. I hope it’s only a dislocated shoulder or elbow or even just a deep tissue bruise cause if he’s got a broken arm and if he was set to be in Wrestlemania then this could put a serious damper on the momentum and push he’s been receiving the past few months and that would really suck.

  • Sean Mooney

    It didn’t look good… I really hope it’s not serious, but I have a bad feeling that he’ll miss Wrestlemania and then some.

  • Generic Troll

    Was a nasty spot as @cakes said, does anyone know if Dolph was okay? He hit that table harder than Truth hitting the ground :\

  • eclass

    I know it…Right away DAMN…. I feel sorry for Wade… WM six weeks away.

  • cakes

    completely nasty spot. Not really a big fan of Barrett and found him extremely boring in the EC match, but it still sucks when you see a talent get injured like that. I thought he injured that same arm in the chamber because he kept holding on to it during that match too.