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WrestleMania Celebrity a Suspect in Domestic Violence Case is reporting that former Wrestlemania celebrity and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a suspect in a battery domestic violence case involving the mother of his children Josie Harris.

  • ox slang shoot

    lets hope he cant bail himself out.. he cant punch himself out of the raping thats coming to him

  • shawn

    the man doesnt have a punching bag? what a piece of work.

  • venom

    I thought it was Pete Rose. lol.

  • terry

    lol ive never liked this guy, if he mans up and decides to fight pacquiao, i hope pacquiao whoops his ass!!

  • Dave

    wow. what a piece of crap.

  • Kyle W.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • effmenow

    If he goes to jail, he has enough money to bail himself and everyone else in that prison out.

  • The Truth

    Hahahaha! i knew he was a dic.k just a matter of time till he gets arrested