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– As noted earlier, Sheamus will face the returning Alberto Del Rio on this week’s WWE SmackDown. If Del Rio wins, he gets a future World Heavyweight Title shot.

WWE also announced that Kane vs. Randy Orton will take place on this week’s SmackDown in a WrestleMania 28 Rematch.

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter about his slip and fall during the segment with CM Punk on RAW Tonight:

“By the way that wasn’t a slip; I was imitating Punk the Drunk. I never make mistakes u wannabes…”

  • CAYK

    And to think that i thought that was a dropkick…

  • VenomEX

    botchamania in 3…2…1

  • Wellsy

    “Punk the Drunk” must be a future chant.

  • RawisWar

    i can picture Jericho saying “u wannabees…” in his low pitched vocie thats why its so funny LOL

  • Not cool

    “Punk the Drunk”

  • Jon-Jon

    *Wouldn’t have slipped.

  • Jon-Jon

    I figured he’d say something like “If Punk wasn’t drinking so much, I would’ve slipped.” But his real comment was funnier lol

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Jericho is the man.

  • Jimbo

    hahahaha, Jericho. Gold.

  • blue4everd

    is Y2J the new Chuck Norris?

  • Superman

    Great post by y2j .. If he calls it’s not the wrong number you just answered the wrong phone.y2j y2j y2j

  • Best In The World

    the fall was pretty funny

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