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Wrestler Officially Removed From TNA Roster, Robbie E Says He Should Be The Face

– TNA Wrestling has been removed Devon from its roster page on The organization announced Wednesday that he had parted ways with the organization after negotiations between both parties reached an impasse.

– Robbie E has has posted a blog on explaining why he should be made the face of Impact Wrestling.

Noting his speaking ability, he remarks, “Ever hear me talk? I’m on point. I’m loud and clear and always to the point. I’m quick-witted and never can be played out. I am the verbal champ.”

  • eric

    Yeah sad thing about tna is. noone really draw money in tna. i mean big money in tna. wheter aj styles is tna world champion in 2004 or 2009-2010 jeff hardy, mr anderson, sting(who i respect for his work in wcw in 90’s) rvd, robert roode or austin aries. tna has hard time filling seats. or drawing money in really low ratings or filling arenas of ppv numbers. jbl who was one of longest wwe champion in recent yrs. talk about it on htm honkey tonk man radio show. which anyone can listen on youtube. Where jbl says he doesn’t know why tna has hard time filling seats. honkey says all those guys. hardy, angle, dudleys, rvd have draw money in wwe. old honkey is right. angle drew alot money in ratings and filling arenas. in his over 6 yrs with wwe. all wrestemainas he was world champion. or all pvv he was wwf-e champion. same goes for jeff hardy in 2008-2009 jeff drew alot money for wwe. with his merchadise with kids. ppv buys rating asses in seats. rvd same in 2006 as ecw and wwe champion. Why does noone seem to draw money in tna? listen to that interview jbl did with honkey radio show on youtube. jeff hardy, angle, rvd did drew money in wwe. tna they are not. kevin nash even talk about it on youtube. where he said that rvd is going to have deal with coming in airports. people asking where have u been wrestling last 4-5 yrs. rvd said wrestling tna on spiketv. people saying what that? when a wrestler wheter he is main event star. or mid card talent. leaves wwe goes tna. tna is so under radar. noone knows what they are doing wrestling wise. it is really sad!

  • ChrisDV

    “Plus, TNA only have another few months to milk this whole ‘Jersey Shore’ thing before MTV air the last episodes.”