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Wrestlers Backstage at Monday’s RAW, How Much Has McMahon Spent?

– Former All Japan and ECW star Johnny Smith was backstage visiting at Monday’s RAW in Calgary.

– Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and ECW original Lance Storm was also visiting at RAW this past Monday.

– Yahoo News reported yesterday that Linda McMahon has spend $41.5 million total on her Senate campaign after donating another $20 million of her personal money between July and September. Linda is now the largest spending Senate or House candidate in the country. She said in the past that she’s willing to spend $50 million of her own money to get elected.

  • erik

    yeah and this stand up for wwe bullshit is so linda can get in backdoor of senate. If linda gets in senate will that help wwe product? no will it help tag team divison no so i could care less if linda gets in senate.

  • LVW
  • Joec316

    Who is johnny smith?

  • RawIsWar

    @Trixie Yeah you’re so right she’s obviously trying to buy her way into senate and would do anything to get it… which includes spending millions of dollars and ruining WWE by making it pg! to make her self look good, she’s totally selfish!

  • Trixie

    That’s just retarded. She should give that money to charity or spend it on making the country better rather than on herself… Selfish bitch.

  • Ronald

    If I can be serious for a moment.

  • i lost

    linda mcmahon is the man. she speaks the truth

  • Dave

    That’s a lot of money to throw away just to lose the election, but I guess if you’re that rich…