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Wrestlers Not Happy With Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon

Being the son of the Boss, one may think that people backstage might have a problem with Shane McMahon’s attitude or his behavior when the cameras aren’t around. However, it appears that the stuff he does on screen is actually a reason for backstage resentment towards the SmackDown Live Commissioner.

While discussing Shane’s status with the company, Dave Meltzer indicated that wrestlers backstage might not be happy with the SmackDown Official. The reason for their displeasure, according to Meltzer is all the crazy spots the junior McMahon pulls off in his matches because he can take time to rest if he gets hurt during them unlike the regular competitors:

“The one thing [Shane] has the advantage on, which is the [full-time] guys don’t have, and I remember guys used to be critical of this when Shane would do the big bumps. Because it was like ‘well, Shane’s gonna do one or two matches a year, and he’s gonna do this big bump, and he can get hurt and rest up. And he shows us all up that are trying to do big bumps, and we gotta come back the next day.’ So in a sense, there was resentment of him.”

It’s worth mentioning here that just recently it was reported that Jeff Hardy was working with an injury for a while and he only underwent a surgery a few days back. While it’s not directly Shane McMahon’s fault that wrestlers feel resentment towards him, their arguments still stands and WWE should definitely give them more freedom to showcase their talent in the ring.

  • CC

    And if there is any truth to it, then anyone pissed off with him needs to grow up.
    They chose this career, so they live with the day to day risks that come with it.
    Shane was born to it and actually has no reason to take the bumps, but chooses to do so.
    What benefit does Shane get? The only benefit is the fans and the company. If Shane taking a crazy bump gets them better viewing figures, then everyone benefits.

  • Chad Boswell

    Well they’ve never really lived up to that promise when SDL started to keep the show all about the talent and not the management.

  • Thomas Murray

    It’s worth mentioning here that just recently it was reported that Jeff Hardy was working with an injury

    NO IT EFFING not, as one has nothing to do with the other when you consider Hardy was always taking it up a level in terms of the risk he was prepared to take.

    And as for the rest of this post, pure and utter BS as its one person opinion not backed up by a single fact