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WWE Advertising Network Launch For 2012, Greatest Wrestling Factions, Over the Limit

— A teaser for the WWE Network is running at the beginning of WWE Classics On Demand shows with 2012 being advertised as its premiere.

— WWE has published a Legends of Wrestling clip from 2008 where Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Tazz and Jim Ross join host Gene Okerlund for a no-holds-barred discussion on the greatest factions of all time, including The Four Horsemen.


— WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view event will air live in the United Kingdom on Sky Sports 1 HD on May 20 at 1:00 a.m.


  • voice of reason

    i just read themark first post here & i kind of threw up in mouth a bit how can someone be that foul

  • Jesse

    4.The Flock 5.F.B.I 6.The Ministry

  • Jesse

    1. B.W.O 2. The Radicalz 3.The Triple Threat

  • Gorilla

    Xpac and ravishing rick rude can claim they ran with both dx and nwo when wrestling was huge in 90’s…

  • Tom… Just Tom

    1. The Four Horsemen (the ones who started it all)
    2. Degeneration X
    3. nWo (Only reason why I say 3 is that the other two helped other wrestlers get over. The nWo was all about Hall, Nash, and Hogan)

  • poko

    It’s close. The NWO probably had the biggest immediate impact on the ratings, and made for some of the most memorable moments in wrestling. Who will ever forget Lawn Dart Rey, Bischoff powerbombed through the stage, or Hulk’s monumental heel turn? But the Horsemen did it all first. They OWNED their promotion, much the way the NWO did for awhile. They were the unquestioned elite and everyone else was always playing underdog. I think the long-term impact the Horsemen had on wrestling make them the most important faction ever. That being said, I also think the early NWO storyline, with the entire WCW appearing to be gripped with fear and paranoia, was the most compelling ever.

  • Splash

    I think the nWo is the greatest faction of all time. They made wrestling hot in the 90’s. It gave us a look at a version of Hogan we’ve never seen, the whole thing broke the boundries of wrestling and WCW pay per views were became the WCW/nWo events. The faction was so big and influentional it almost seemed like a real rival company inside WCW. When you look at the names who were in the stable it’s a whose who list. It started to suck once everyone was in the nWo except DDP and Goldberg but while in it’s first 1-3 years it was red hot.

  • theMark

    *Snap his damn skinny neck

  • theMark

    Was hopin Buff Bagwell was gonna wobble his gimp ass body to the ring last night and snack his neck on the turnbuckle 🙂
    lets hope he or scott hall overdose
    Mania match: WHO will Die first: Scott hall vs Buff Bagwell vs Bobby ‘the skeleton’ Heenan!!!