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- WWE has announced that Danny McBride, star of the HBO show Eastbound & Down will be the special Raw Guest Star on October 11th. Here is the updated list of upcoming Raw guest hosts…

* October 4th: Johnny Knoxville
* October 11th: Danny McBride
* October 18th: Bobb’e J. Thompson
* October 25th: Toby Keit

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    Shit!….I’m GOING to raw on the 11th. Lose Jericho and gain some fat redneck with a bad HBO series. I want my money back already.

  • Jeff


  • Eric Nixon

    Vince and WWE need to realize that they will NEVER be “it” in mainstream TV. Why would they ever want to be? “It” never lasts that long anyway. SNL is prime example. It has down times and up times. They don’t worry about it. They just try to put out the best content they can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    They’re in danger of alienating their core audience they earned in ninties, and when they’re done playing Hollywood, the new fans will leave too. Who will they have as audience after that?

  • Scooter

    also well known celeberitys such as the guy who used to be in the barney costume and kanye wests sister’s best friend’s grandmothers non-indentical triplet

  • mark-o-negative

    Guess who won’t be watching Raw on Oct 25. . .

  • pcnerd37

    I can understand that this is likely about making money by having movie studios pay WWE to put somebody on as guest host to promote something but as long as we have an anonymous GM, I really see no need for this. Unless it is somebody like the Rock or Austin than can put butts in the seats and get people to tune in, I see no purpose in having this stupid gimmick. Get rid of this and spend more time on the actual wrestling!

  • Rich

    god somebody shoot me please…at first the guest star thing was cool but now its just like ugh..you wanna sell some tickets..bring THE ROCK in as a guest host…otherwise cut the crap

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