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WWE Announcer Knocks TNA Announcer, Bourne Going for WWE US Title?, Flair

– WWE announcer Scott Stanford took an apparent shot at TNA’s Jeremy Borash. A fan wrote to Stanford that “your no Jeremy Borash!” Stanford replied:

“Thats insulting, hurtful and…wait, who is that?”

– WWE Hall of Famer and TNA star Ric Flair was at the Los Angeles Lakers game on Friday and announced the second quarter of the game.

– WWE’s website has a new video up with Evan Bourne, discussing his career before WWE. Bourne talks about wrestling across the world as Matt Sydal before making it to WWE where he debuted on ECW against Shelton Benjamin. Bourne said he will get to the top by going for the WWE United States Title first.

  • Matt

    whos primo & epico

  • Tyler

    I agree with venom its like so Evan if you can’t get to the us title what are you going to do stick a needle back in your body air boom is over bourne is over

  • Tyler

    That’s good for Bourne because we all already now from last week on raw AIR BOOM is over

  • Bill

    Speaking of TNA announcers, why isn’t Don West on TV anymore?!?

  • Nick

    Evan will make it HIGH in the wwe, mark my words…hehehe

  • Nicholas

    Evan just better worry about keeping clean before going after any title. He is lucky that he still has a job. There is only 1 reason why the kept him to me they still have high hopes for him. But to me one more screw up an he be going for the X Divison title in TNA. Now I am not hating Evan what so ever just telling the truth.

  • LSC

    @Skyn maybe he was being sarcastic, like me saying ”Whose Heath Slater”

  • Skyn

    @ the funkasarus rex Are you serious bro?

  • The funkasaurs rex

    wait who is scott stanford?

  • Sean Mooney

    I doubt that it was intended to be an insult. I genuinely believe that he has no clue who Jeremy Borash is.

  • CC

    Props to Stanford.
    He sure aint no Jeremy Borash thats for sure, but why would he want to be? Borash is a twat.