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WWE Announcer Launches Business, Message from Daniel Bryan, Natalya, Cena

– WWE announcer Justin Roberts has launched a new business at He is selling portable massage devices. The $98 package includes the massager, 2 wires, 4 pads and free shipping.

– After WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix mentioned Kharma on Twitter last night, her partner Natalya did the same today. She wrote:

“@TheBethPhoenix … Not even @kharma can break us. Pinup strong forever.”

– John Cena congratulated Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan today with the following:

“Great ppv last night! Can’t wait for RAW today. Congrats to zack and d bryan. New champs!”

– New World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan posted the following message on his official website this afternoon:

“Six years ago CM Punk and I wrestled a 45 minute match in Florida in front of probably 36 people. It’s fun watching us pretend to be superstars when we’re really just a couple of Indy schmucks.”

  • i really feel like if it wasnt for henrys injury d-bry would be the first to lose his MITB match..

  • BlaH

    lets just hope they don’t give D.Bry the Christian (and more recent James Storm)

  • MJ

    This gives ever indy wrestler busting their asses in the indies hope that if they go to WWE they wont be buried, hell they have half the talent then anyone on the wwe roster because they have more experience, they traveled the world, and most importantly they know who they are when it comes to characther development.