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WWE Asks If Chris Jericho Is Their New “Cerebral Assassin”, Mentions Triple H

– As seen on RAW last night, WWE plugged a website article that asks if Chris Jericho is the new Cerebral Assassin of WWE, a nickname claimed by Triple H.

The article mentions Triple H and wonders if Jericho may take the title of WWE’s new Cerebral Assassin after the Extreme Rules WWE Title Match against CM Punk on Sunday:

“Jericho has proven he will stop at nothing in his attempt to wear Punk down to the point of mental and emotional exhaustion, and that spells big trouble as the two rivals head into a grueling Chicago Street Fight where every last bit of energy counts. On April 29, Jericho’s heinous game plan could either fuel Punk’s drive to demolish his antagonist once and for all. Or, it just might be remembered as the master stroke of the new “Cerebral Assassin.””

As soon as WWE plugged the article on RAW last night, speculation began, mainly on Twitter, that Jericho was being set up for a feud against Triple H. For what it’s worth, there has been no talk of bringing Triple H back yet.

  • eric

    yeah i remember that in 2000 he held title for 5 minutes. than earl restarted gave back hhh. it was good match hhh did make jericho look good in that match. than after match than rock later took wwe title from hhh at backlash 2000. jericho is basically is drifter when it comer to main events and world champion wwe title reigns. wwe has him drifts from mid card titlles than main events he wins main event title once ever few years. he drifts back forth from mid card to main event spots in his wwe career.

  • Jason L

    Jerich beat Triple H for the WWF title but had the match restarted or something. It was during the McMahon-Helmsley storyline. One of the Hebners was involved also if I remember correctly.

  • Reverse prince albert

    very funny. When Triple h was in his prime he was much more intence then Jericho. i mean come one they only had a small handful of mathces.. no one can take that title from Triple h

  • Gorilla

    Jericho was mad saying he hates copycats wtf

  • The Mecanic

    @bill watch the last man standing match triple h and jericho had a while back it was a great match hhh won of course but he made jericho look good

  • Bill

    As far as I can remember, Jericho was never put over Triple H in any sort of match. In my mind, maybe as a feud for next year’s WM, I’d really like to see them feud. I mean, it’s always nice to have veterans like them face-off at a WM.

  • Prince

    I don’t understand the point of having two stars from the attitude era feud with each other. Jericho and HHH should be used in feuds to help elevate guys. I don’t get why Vince doesn’t see that. I’d rather see Jericho feud with a guy like The Miz to try to pull him back to relevance, or maybe Wade Barrett or Cody Rhodes. Try to help the younger guys. HHH helped out a few years back with Sheamus, but he hasn’t been used like that since then.

  • Ant

    @xx..not until august so we still get to see him for a couple of months