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WWE Has A.W.’s Twitter Account Suspended; Continues To Ridicule Linda & WWE

As A.W. predicted, his original Twitter account was suspended after the terminated WWE Superstar posted a multitude of messages disparaging his former employer and Vince McMahon’s wife Linda McMahon. A.W., however, set up another account under his real name, Brian Jossie, at BJRatedR and has continued to sound off on the sports-entertainment organization as well as Linda.

Jossie believes WWE had his original account shut down, writing, “Yeah the #WWE shut down my old account. It’s all good. It was fun while it lasted.” When asked whether the account was his property, he responded, “Not really sure. Although when it comes to the #WWE they own everything like Satan, including your soul,lol!”

Jossie, who blames Linda and her ongoing U.S. Senate campaign for his termination from WWE, subsequently posted three images ridiculing the political hopeful. In the first pic, he posted a joke poster of Linda reading “UNSTOPPABLE”-a takeoff of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster. He then posted an unflattering photo of Linda, noting, “Is it me or does Linda McMahon make Hilary Clinton look like Angelina Fucking Jolie!!” Jossie was also sent a side-by-side image of Linda and the Cryptkeeper and asked if he sees a resemblance. “Yep! CryptKeeper might have her beat,” he wrote.

Jossie had also tweeted, “@Linda_McMahon has cost more negroes jobs than hurricane Katrina!!” However, he stated minutes later that he doesn’t hate Linda and that he’s merely joking around.

“I don’t hate Linda, I’m doing what a comedian would do. Making light of a serious situation inorder to make people think!” Jossie wrote.

He then continued the Linda jokes, writing, “David Duke would hire my black ass before @Linda_McMahon!” He then added, “Sorry I won’t be HANGING out at any #WWE shows. There’s enough pro wrestling lynching as it is….”

In response to a fan comment stating, “It’s pretty damn funny that @WWE actually thinks @Linda_McMahon has a chance at winning,” Jossie responded, “Agreed, Them muthafuckas are as high as Jeff Hardy!!!”

Jossie was also asked whether one needs to “play the game” in order to survive the political minefield of WWE. He responded, “Politics is a must. Everyone plays the GAME!! Some (Divas) more than others….#WinkWink #HHH.”

A Twitter user sent Jossie a mock graphic proposing a Street Fight between himself and Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XXIX, to which he responded, “Ha! Yeah I’d whoop that old man’s ass! I’d only do it if Shane and Steph joined in. #McMahonSmackdown!” He also noted “as soon as I see Vince on TV this Nike is gonna fuck my plasma up!!”

Jossie was also asked how WWE would have acted had he made a Mike Tyson rape joke rather than a Kobe Bryant one. “Nope I would have probably got a raise! #WhatTheFuck?” he responded.

Finally, Jossie was asked whether he’s calling out WWE for exposure, to be controversial, or out of bitterness. “I’m just saying my peace. I wish more people would be like JTG and not be afraid to speak up. #Courage,” he says.

  • I

    OMG, HHH better not have been cheating on Steph!!

  • Jon

    Just hope Titus O Neil and Darren Young don’t get dump because of this. The tag team division need to be rebuilt badly.

  • Jon

    It wouldn’t surprise me if A.W get the same thing that Steiner got with his feud with with TNA. WWE legal team is problary all over this right now.

  • rko

    Good riddens to this loud mouthed punk.

  • SYM

    @Wellsy judge him when you get Signed to WWE and go through what he has.

  • Wellsy

    A bitter bitter man who thinks he’s funnier than he is.

  • Jerk Factor

    I want to know who the divas are he is referring to with #winkwink#HHH? Thats a pretty major hint of an accusation right there…

  • Dan

    @Jefferson I doubt at an actual stand-up gig he’d make a joke about Jeff Hardy, but on Twitter 99.9% of his followers will be wrestling fans so will get the reference.

  • voice of reason

    @ bill what it’s $60 are you from america wow that’s pretty expensive

  • Bill

    Sorry for the angry comment, but it’s true. I’m very ashamed with the WWE. Good thing I stream PPVs. I don’t want to pay $60 for crap like Elimination Chamber or Over the Limit.

  • Bill


  • poko

    The funny thing is, AW started out with a pretty valid argument, then precoded to undermine that argument by making himself look like a classless asshole. All the WWE has to do now is point at AW’s twitter messages as an example of his character, or lack thereof.

    What kind of annoys me the most, however, is that a couple of weeks ago AW was there sucking up with the rest of them. He even tweeted support of Linda, for god’s sake, because he thought that going hyper-suck up mode would save his job. Kind of pathetic, to be honest.

    The difference between JTG and AW is that JTG spoke up while he was still employed. Don’t act like you’re a champion of truth and you’ve got a giant set of balls AFTER you’ve been fired.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    His real-life persona is more annoying than his on-air character. I get his gripe, and he’s justified in feeling the way he does. Linda’s campaign garbage is why everything in WWE is so PG and sickening. But the guy is just NOT funny. He’s supposedly going to start a stand-up career now? Yeah, because comedy clubs will be on the floor laughing at Jeff Hardy jokes.

    Nobody will get it, and it’s honestly just not funny. He is not a comedian, or an entertaining character. Nothing more annoying than someone who isn’t funny honestly believing that they are. Like I said, understand the man’s gripe, but he’s just a fucking idiot overall.

  • d

    A.w is the new Scott Steiner

  • tdchristian

    “Many of points” should read “Many of his points”.

  • tdchristian

    When Obama loses in November, this guy is REALLY going to flip out. Many of points might have some validity, but his personal attacks on Linda’s physical appearance, followed by “just kidding” costs him a whole lot of respect with most people. Stick to straight fact based opinions Mr. Jossie.

  • voice of reason

    i think what he is saying is totally the truth albeit a touch bitter but the truth

  • SYM

    AW is the Truth, I’d love to see him on Youtube exposing wat goes on behind Closed Doors in WWE.

  • Bawb

    And, in instances such as this, you wonder what Truth, Kofi, O’Neil, Young, and……Tatsu are thinking!