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How Does WWE Cover the Owen Hart Tragedy on Upcoming DVD?, More on The History of WWE

– has posted an in-depth preview of the documentary feature on the upcoming History of WWE DVD and Blu-ray. They describe the chapter on Owen Hart’s tragic death as “very classy” with WWE first discussing the events of May 23rd, 1999 and then talking about who Owen was. Martha Hart is only referred to by her first name once by Linda McMahon and none of the legal events were mentioned. Linda, Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and The Undertaker were interviewed for the Owen chapter.

Here are just some of the talents featured on the documentary: Arnold Skaaland, Basil DeVito, Batista, Blackjack Lanza, Blackjack Mulligan, Bob Backlund, Bobby Heenan, Bret “Hitman” Hart, Bruno Sammartino, Chief Jay Strongbow, CM Punk, Dick Ebersol, Ernie Ladd, Fabulous Moolah, Freddie Blassie, Gene Okerlund, Gerry Brisco, “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant, Howard Finkel, Hulk Hogan, Jack Brisco, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Jerry Lawler, Jim Duggan, Jim Ross, Jimmy Snuka, JJ Dillon, John Cena, Kid Rock, Larry Zbysko, Linda McMahon, Mae Young, Mark Yeaton, Michael Hayes, Michel Cole, Mick Foley, Ozzy Osborne, Pat Patterson, Paul Bearer, Paul Heyman, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Rocky Johnson, Rowdy Roddy Piper, SD Jones, Shawn Michaels, Sherri Martel, Stan Hansen, Stephanie McMahon, Stu Saks, Ted DiBiase Sr, The Rock, Tony Chimmel, Triple H, Undertaker, Vince Russo

  • berty

    Vince didnt threaten to fire owen, vince ask owen if he was comfortabke and he was nervous but he said yes

  • Johhny

    The show must go on,The fans might have understood why he would have stopped it,but this is a business.I am sure theres alot more going on we have not seen or heard,with it being on hush hush for so many years who knows

  • Matthew Farrell

    Agreed. All the posts I read that call Martha a “greedy b****” make my smh. How would these people like it if their wife/husband died on the job because they were talked into performing a dangerous stunt? As a married man, I can’t blame her for being bitter towards WWE. The public doesn’t know the full details behind his death. Maybe Vince threatened to fire him if he didn’t do the stunt; I’m sure Martha would know if that were true, so in that case if it were, she has every right to be upset.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    yes but he was basically dead in the ring anyway, not to mention jr announced it live on air

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    He died at the hospital…

  • oppa

    Owen will get in to the hall of fame at some point. Either his kids will let him in when they take over his estate or they’ll side step it by putting him in as a member of the Hart family or Hart Foundation.

    But since Owen had kids, I hope this time they pay Martha the money she’s entitled to for using him in the video. It’s no secret that she hated wrestling and the WWE. Given the back story of how he died, I can’t blame her on that one. But to not pay her the money she’s entitled to as his widow is inexcusable. There are rumors that WWE has been trying to make Vickie quit also because they don’t want to honor the lifetime contract she got after Eddie died. WWE may try to make it seem like they want to honor these men, but at the end of the day, they’re looking to make a buck off of the DVD’s and video games they put them in. You can’t say you are honoring a man when you openly disrespect the woman he loved and worked hard to provide for.


    no it was also reported that Owen hart died in a car crash as a result from a concussion he suffered doing a stunt that failed. I remember seeing him fall. But also remember Luke a week later the blue blazer was on tv then the next Monday after that reports were that he died in a car accident over the weekend. Randy savage dudes a year ago and Owen hart years ago how could I confuse the 2. JFK got shot news stayed on cameras kept rolling football players get hurt and sometimes die game still goes on even after they die. during a baseball game the owner of the team died game still went on even after they announced it. Fan fall from top of stadium onto field game still went on

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Owen died on live tv they had to cut to the crowd because they didn’t want you to see it (although you could see traces of blood in the ring) the guy you’re probably thinking of is Randy Savage who had a heart attack at the wheel of his car.

    Of course you can! what kind of ridiculous statement is that?? Sure you’d have to refund the fans but Vince is a multi billionaire its not like he’d go bankrupt, I mean a wrestler died on live tv of course you stop the show


    So confused about Owens death I saw him fall hut then I also report of him dying in a car crash. Dnt knw what to believe. And u cnt stop a show because someone gets hurt or dies. If a public figure gets shot on national tv they dnt stop they keep the cameras rolling.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Whats the bet that his gold digging wife will try and score more money from this??

    Yeah I said it, and harsh as it may be its true.

    Owen died in a horrible, HORRIBLE accident, yet instead of honouring Owens long and historic legacy she’s basically erasing it from the WWE while she’s quite happy to get more and more money.

    It’s really a horrible shame to come to this. I’m not defending Vince either because he SHOULD have stopped the show, however now because of how Martha’s acting we’ll probably never see Owen in the Hall Of Fame & be remembered