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Former WWE Diva Candice Michelle Suffers Miscarriage

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle, who announced on Valentine’s Day that she was expecting her second child, disclosed Tuesday night on her Facebook account that she suffered a miscarriage Sunday.

Here is her post:

Hello CandiAddicts

I always love posting positive things as that’s the focus in my life. However life brings about unexpected things and I feel being a public figure it’s my duty to share. On Sunday I suffered a miscarriage! I have both physically and mentally been through a lot of trauma! I have seen the Doc and there must have been a genetic defect and this angel wouldn’t have been able to survive in the outside world! It’s so difficult to say goodbye yet I know through my FAITH that there is a reason for everything! “With Faith there is no Fear!”

If anyone out there has ever gone through this you know the difficulty in this! I humbly ask for your respect in letting me keep this matter private beyond this mention! I love you guys and appreciate you respecting my family’s privacy in this matter!

“It’s not about how many times you get knocked off the horse but how GRACEFULLY you get back up!”

What a beautiful saying! The best thing for me right now is all the prayers! I have received many txts, tweets, and messages of support and I really appreciate them! They have truly uplifted me in this time of need!

Remember to be grateful for what you have!

I have decided to keep my appearance this weekend in Miami and have gotten clearance from the doc to fly! I would really enjoy seeing you CandiAddicts out there at Wizard World! I’ll be walking the red carpet sat morn and there sat and sun!

God bless you all and thank you for your love and support!

Candice Michelle

  • shawn

    stupid fuck. that dude from israel needs to be punched until the bucket fills up! not a threat.

  • Jon-Jon

    @ yechiel This is why the world hates Israel.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    That’s terrible. My thoughts go out to her and her husband.

  • Logan

    Wow that’s painful, no parent should suffer the lose of their child. A friend of mine had her child a few years ago, he was premature and unfortunately didn’t make. Thoughts go out to Candice and family.

  • A

    Sorry For Your Loss Candice Time Is A Great Healer

  • PLW

    DAMN!!! I know what’s she going through my best friend lost her kid a year ago she went through a heavy depression. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO CANDICE…

  • webofdeception

    my prayers go out to her. i was in a similar situation, except my ex never told me she was pregnant, her sister called me a week after my son was delivered stillborn. 2 days later i shocked them all by showing up to see a mirror image of myself as a baby. they figured i would have completely flipped out, instead i said hello and goodbye to my son, shook my head at them, and left without a word, the silence speaks louder. i pray no one else on here has to suffer the agony of losing a child

  • nnla

    Went through that with my fiance about 8 months ago. Not a great situation and I’m sorry they had to go through it.

  • Will Henderson

    man, did i called it the other day when i commented in a earlier story regrading Candice that you had up. sucks for her to lose the baby, once again, my thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

  • Stevie

    Terrible. My wife went through the same thing. No words can describe.