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– PWInsider reports that a new documentary on Extreme Championship Wrestling is going into the final stages of production. This DVD is unique because interviews were conducted as far back as 2001 when ECW originally shut down. Some of the interviews show the talents talking when they were upset about ECW going bankrupt. One theme in the DVD will be catching up with those talents over time.

More details will be released soon but the documentary features over 50 hours of footage and over 50 interviews with former ECW wrestlers, personalities, fans and writers.

– WWE Diva Eve Torres is Made Woman magazine’s Woman of the Month. Their article looks at Eve’s projects outside of the ring and she talks about wanting to be a role model for women. They note that Eve, a Jiu-Jitsu blue belt, sees her WWE personality as a perfect extension of her mission because girls need to see a female figure being strong.

They also wrote that Eve diligently protects her own brand. She said, “I stopped drinking three years ago and have had to turn down sponsorships because they don’t fit my brand.”

  • rko

    Sorry eve you’re brainless.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(


    Where did you here that she was with Reggie Bush???

  • JipC

    She’s so boring and bland. Oh yeah. She used 2 get fucked by Reggie Bush. So dissapointing. Plus she has that monstrous chin….that being said, I would still smash

  • Once You Go Bryan, There’s No Point in Tryin’

    “Sees her WWE personality as a perfect extension of her mission because girls need to see a female figure being strong.”

    Um, what? I get the whole strong part but how is she a role model for girls? She used Ryder and then used Cena. The crowd chants “Hoeski” at her. So do girls these days want “Hoeski” chants as they are walking from class to class?

  • Sammo

    That ECW DVD sounds pretty decent, I’m looking forward to that. It was an era of freaking insane wrestling stunts that can never, ever be reproduced.

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