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Former WWE Diva Says Triple H Makes Her Want To Puke, Perry Saturn Wins Title

— A broken arm wasn’t enough to keep WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H down, who accompanied boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to the ring for his highly anticipated bout against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas on Saturday night, alongside singer Justin Bieber and rapper 50 Cent. Former WWE Diva Melina, who was posting messages on Twitter while watching the fight, remarked the following upon seeing “The King of Kings” on television:

“Maybe it’s the margaritas but I puked when i saw Bieber & Triple H. #TotalPukage #WhatTheWhat HHH=Pukepukepuke. Boxing at an an all time low.”

— Former WWE Superstar Perry Saturn won his first championship in over a decade on April 27 in Des Moines, Iowa as he beat Arik Cannon and Sir Bradley Charles in a Triple Threat Match to gain the 3XW Pure Wrestling Championship.

— WWE had audio issues at Saturday’s Smackdown live event at the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Jey and Jimmy Uso’s theme song as well as a Kane promo that aired on the video screen was not audible.

  • eric

    vic from what randy orton said in radio interview. which vic u can find on youtube. orton said kelly slept with 10 guys. yeah because she is not getting promoted because of great in ring wrestling skills or great promos. kelly is shitter wrestler and terrible on mic. orton right she slept with 10 guys. that is only way kelly can get top spot, when it comes to wrestling skills she had none.

  • Vic

    Haha Eric your a fuckin dumbass. Kelly never slept her way to get ahead unlike Melina’s skanky ass. From what I heard she DATED 3 wrestlers: Andrew “Test” Martin(R.I.P), Batista & Justin Gabriel. Melinda on the other hand slept with 80% of the guys in the locker room like Batista, Matt Hardy, Joey Mercury, Brian Kendrick, Snitsky, Mike Knox, etc, etc.


    Im surprised she almost puked you would think after all the BJ’s she gives she wouldnt still be almost puking. Whore!

  • eric

    melina was decent wrestler in ring. if ur talking about diva sleeping with half roster. cough cough kelly kelly. kelly who has slept with 10 guys in wwe. kelly who is worst wrestler to ever lace up pair of boots. kelly is a big hoe who sleeps with all guys in back. has no wrestling skills and no talent. at least melina was decent wrestler. she put on good matches with mickie james, michelle mccool, in 2007-2010 good 4 star matches. tna has alot problems. but one thing they di right is there women divison. at least there women can wrestle. tna gives there women alot time. vs wwe who gives there women less than 2 mins to perform in ring.

  • Nicholas

    You see here is one of many reason HHH is one of my favorite he will never get in to it with these haters. While Hogan he would have something to say HHH just leaves it alone why because nothing good comes of it. HHH don’t need to explain himself to anybody to boast his ego his in ring career said it all. That is what Hogan needs to do just shut up you don’t have anything to prove to nobody all it does is make Hogan look worst just let it go. HHH is very smart at what he does but he also acts like an adult which why he is one of my favorite.

  • yofits

    @Mike you’re right but everyone’s noses and penis are bigger than HHH’s micropen.

  • scooter

    melina once again fucks up jomos chances at a succesful wwe career I’m guessing he won’t go back now

  • Mike

    I hear hhh nose is bigger then his penis

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Says the woman who screwed half the locker room while her boyfriend acted like he didn’t know.

  • Reverse prince albert

    eddy has a man crush on Triple h …jealous of Stephanie

  • umm

    As much as I don’t like what Melina said you do realize she is dating John Morrison… and has been for awhile

  • ant

    melina should give aids to that trolling prick narf

  • Eddy

    Triple H marks sucking his roided dick again
    Melina has more talent in the ring than half the chicks in the E.

  • Reverse prince albert

    Funny she didn’t say anything before she left WWE… Bitter much? and she cant say HHH makes her puke she Fucked Snitsky… hahaha

    Have another drink Melina… how are the Indys paying? how many boys in the lockerroom have you fucked?

  • Myers

    Melina is pissed that Triple H passed her off to Batista so she wasn’t able to do the typical whore thing and blackmail him so she never was released. She is nothing but a jizz rag.

  • Mongo

    The only good thing about Melina was her ring entrance. Maybe TNA can use another useless “Knockout” to waste more tv time with. Jason get on that we know you control what goes on in TNA.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    So, according to Melina, HHH is worse than Justin Beiber? Someone’s bitter.

  • xXx

    she’s angry trips dint bang her

  • angel z

    she is so right and it is a fact.

  • undertaker21

    Jason your an idiot.

  • Yes Man

    @jason hey maybe TNA can sign her! They are pro drug addicts and drunk tweeters!

  • Jason L

    Why is Milena even relevant anymore ?

  • Chad

    HHH is one strong man. Here he shows up injured to be there for that real niggah. real niggah was able to box and feel protected by the cerebral assassinhole, HHH.

  • Tommy

    People are sleeping on the best comments ever.Good job guys (not Jason)

  • yofits

    says the woman who is dating/sleeping with a very ugly old man.

  • Jason

    Melina for the win

  • Albert

    She’s pissed cause she got sand in her Vagina!~

  • CAYK

    Says the woman who only looks good with a massive amount of makeup.