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WWE Filming New Movie Starring Halle Berry

According to a report by Deadline, WWE Studios will be co-producing and co-financing a new movie, “The Hive,” which will star Halle Berry and Abigal Breslin.

The film is “based on a true story” about an emergency call center operator (Berry’s character) taking a call from a teenage girl (Breslin’s character) during an abduction.

Production is scheduled to begin July 6 in the Los Angeles area. No WWE stars have been announced for the movie project.

  • Karl

    I didn’t realize Halle Berry was that desperate for money.

    Halle, there are ways to make money AND keep your dignity, such as posing for Playboy or starring in s Syfy Channel original film.

  • Little Jimmy

    I thought it was going to be Monster’s Ball 2 featuring Heath Slater! 🙁 One man Cock band, BABY!
    Though WWE should atchually do a movie starring Heath. Mainly Prequels & remakes.
    Marine 4, Deliverance remake, Gingerbread Man 5, Childs Play 11, Mean Girls 3, Freaky Friday & an untitled project featuring Flo Rida.

  • chronoxiong

    For reals Nitro. I still can’t believe that she demanded for more screen time in X3 and it lead to that movie to suck big time. I won’t get over that.

  • Nitro

    chronoxiong, I’ve also noticed that huge actors who were once the hottest deal in Hollywood go down to making WWE films when everyone and their mothers completely forget they even exist

  • chronoxiong

    Halle Berry? Didn’t she fall off from the high ranks of Hollywood?

  • shawn

    Heath Slater should play as the abductor. hed be good at it i guess.

  • Bad Man Bigelow

    Okay then…….

  • Allen

    Make sure NO WWE stars are in it. Maybe it will actually be successful. ha

  • SYM

    Wheres my Sequel to 12 Rounds with Amazing Red as Lead Character?