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WWE Fines Triple H & Undertaker for WrestleMania Chair Shot

– WWE has announced on their website that they have fined Triple H and The Undertaker for the chair shot to the head in their match at WrestleMania 27.

The following comes from their corporate website:

“Pursuant to WWE’s Concussion policy, the stunt of using a folded metal chair shot to the head is prohibited. Triple H and The Undertaker have both been fined for violating this policy at WrestleMania XXVII. WWE penalizes through fine and/or suspension for violation of this policy, which is unchanged and still in effect.”

  • Psychomiklos

    Its funny because you’re all missing the point… which is if you watch the shot again both of takers arms stop the chair… its no where near his head…

  • NC

    JC, be easy man, the way creative is going they might steal that idea just to say its the first animated host in wrestling…….DAMNIT…. I mean “sports entertainment.” Hope they don’t fine me for that

  • Joel

    @ Matt
    What exactly are you trying to tell us with that?

  • Nicholas

    I don’t think HHH or Undertaker care that they got fine. If they have a rematch they will be doing the same dam thing. But all this does show is nobody is above the law in the WWE. An how refreshing it is that Vince will fine his two Icons to set an example for everybody. This doesn’t change anything on how great that match was. It was to me the Main Event and if they met up again next year I bet they do the same dam thing.

  • JC

    WTF really what happened to wrestling next thing you know spongebob will be hosting raw

  • Bill

    What? (not a Stone Cold joke) Triple H is the freaking son-in-law! So what happens? Triple H gives a check to the delivery boy to give to Vince, only for Vince to send it back along with HHH & Steph’s paychecks?!? Haha! No, but I think both guys knew they’d get in “trouble” for that chair shot. Whether the fine is real or not, that chair shot was part of one of the greatest pro-wrestling matches I’ve seen in awhile. HBK, HHH, & Taker really deserve the recognition they get for the matches they all have. Let’s hope Chris Jericho can have a match like this with Taker in the future at WM!

  • Me

    What a joke…..

  • Matt

    Date: Apr 06, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    so what, they lost 20 bucks each? and wwe still gets to uphold its policy and make it look like it cares about their well being

    ^^^ this.

  • Raziel

    They are going to suspend Taker to just justify his time away.

  • Austin

    WOW WWE! I Can’t wait for HHH to take over TV-14 will resume when that happens

  • Joel

    This is bullshit. Do we all remember an article recently posted about a chairshot to the head at a live event? It was a Sheamus-Bryan match, or something. Have we heard anything again. No. I rest my case.

  • hbkh

    poor sin cara hes gonna get fine every week for doing that stunts…

  • Jon

    Hmmmm let see HHH is going to get out of this one because of Steph. So the only one punish is Taker

  • Howe

    @ Ricardo, DRG, L, and Destiny: You all are right. The WWE is a corporation with shareholders and they need to adhere to their rules at least on a superficial level for the sake of the image that they present to the public and the shareholders.

    They’re trying to make it seem as if their being a corporation with integrity. In reality, they probably fined each man the same amount and then immediately gave the money right back, if they even went as far collecting money to maintain this “integrity.”

  • sean

    who cares they are both loaded, and it’s chump change anyway to them, and prolly worth it

  • CM Punk Mark

    if it comes up on wwe’s website i figure it has to be a work right? i just dont see these two guys with the power they have getting fined over it

  • Destiny

    I asked a friend I watched WM with who is a HUGE Taker fan if he even remembers the shot they are talking about in the grand scheme of the match, and he said he didn’t. No way these two got fined…Just a way around the political red tape since they are going for a PG rated product.

  • peep it

    @ Sammo

    Now that my friend was well said. LMAO

  • Monte

    Are they gonna start fining Taker for his “Suicide Dive”? I mean, you could land on your head doing that. Takes timing and skill on the part of both wrestlers to pull that off.

  • dlb

    so what, they lost 20 bucks each? and wwe still gets to uphold its policy and make it look like it cares about their wellbeing

  • Jessy

    @Sammo LMAO!!! Best comment I’ve seen in a while.

  • Josh

    This absolute bullshit

  • drg

    No way in hell they were actually fined. Just to shut up the do gooders who have mad wwe so pg and to reestablish the rule.

  • CC

    To anyone saying WWE is stupid for this, you need to get your heads out of your arses. Chair shots to the head have no place in wrestling and never have. For years people have protected themselves with a hand in front of the face for a reason.
    Ask Bret Hart if he thinks concussions are a good thing. Or the families of Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy.
    Concussions shorten careers and they shorten lives, and there is absolutely no reason to take a full force chairshot. If that chairshot was the most important thing in that match to anyone, then you are not a wrestling fan.
    We have all seen Taker and HHH protect themselves from these time and time again over the years, so by not protecting themselves, they set a bad example to younger talent.

  • I doubt they really fined them. The WWE is jsut trying to protect their image. It’s Undertaker and Triple H for goodness sake. They aren’t gonna fine their two biggest veterans.

  • L

    1.) Chairshots to the head very well SHOULD be banned. There’s no need for another guy to die young due to concussions & pro wrestling getting more bad rep from it.

    2.) If you think they actually fined these guys or that Vince didn’t know it was going to happen, you’re very naive.

  • Hunter

    It was worth the fine. Glad that HHH-Taker used initiative and took it a bit old school.

  • Ricardo

    @Tom if you think things like chair shots have no place in the WWE, then this is not the “sport” for you. Try Sesame Street.

    Everybody else: don’t let them fool you. WWE knew what they were doing, and it all planned. They didn’t fine anyone. They are saying to justify the exception, and make sure people don’t think they took a step back in their policy.

  • Tom R.

    That match didn’t need that chair shot…it was great without it. All you people complaining need to grow up and maybe one day you’ll understand why these chair shots need to be stopped.

  • CrazyDJ

    o come on, i just liked that chair shot!

  • nicholas

    it was no holds barrred, anything goes, to have no excuses; as said it takers words. I have an excuse for HHH losing, he remembered that he was gonna get fined for the shot and it totally distracted him. Stupid policy

  • Sammo

    What next? Talent being fined for wrestling?

    “Pursuant to WWE’s Entertainment policy, the stunt of wrestling is prohibited. Triple H and The Undertaker have both been fined for violating this policy at WrestleMania XXVII.”

  • Name

    I don’t know if I need to lough or cry…
    WWE are stuiped!
    Finning HHH and Undertaker for saving the worst WM ever!

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    I do agree with the policy to ban Chairshots to the head, but this was a special match that I think deserved to feature it once. I thought WWE gave them permission to do it to give the match a bigger feel.

  • Legend Killer

    There was me thinking WWE were coming to their senses.

  • Joshy

    Are they gonna fine Austin for saying naughty words

  • Joshy

    WTF… these people are crazy!
    That chair shot was one of the things that made this
    Match of the night!