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WWE Not Giving Up on Warrior & Sammartino for HOF, Owen Talk

– The door is not closed for Bruno Sammartino or The Ultimate Warrior going into the WWE Hall of Fame next year in the sense that WWE has not given up hope on either name.

The belief internally is that a deal could be made with Sammartino but the feeling from people close to him is that when all is said and done, he will not participate.

Warrior is still being considered for induction but there are trust issues in the sense that they don’t want to make a deal, announce it and then have Warrior pull a stunt for more money or something like that. That is the concern on WWE’s end.

Apparently the theme for next year’s Class is stars who have had special moments at Madison Square Garden, which is why they wanted Owen Hart inducted. The problem with inducting Owen is that his widow Martha Hart wants nothing to do with WWE and doesn’t want WWE using Owen’s name at all. Owen is considered to be a very long shot.


  • Zedd

    Everyone bitched when Koko was inducted a few years ago and now everyone wants the Brooklyn Brawler, another jobber in. Hypocrites.

  • hf part two

    “Apparently the theme for next year’s Class is stars who have had special moments at Madison Square Garden”

    I got two words for ya:


    induct him in the HoF, Vince you racist piece of s@it!

    His MSG special moment was the grandest of them all. HE DEFEATED DEGENERATION X! back to back too (WM20 & backlash)

  • I would love to see ultimate warrior in the hall

  • I would love to see ultimate warrior in the hall that.

  • Diesel

    Haters can hate but I agree about Warrior not belonging in, he was an absolute train wreck in the ring and his ego was (and still is) his biggest problem in the sense that he thought he was better than he actually was.

    Owen deserves to be in though, like I said before Martha needs to pull her head out of her ass and grow up. Yes it was an accident (I’m not on Vinces side either, but it was still an accident non the less). By erasing basically EVERYTHING he had to do with the WWE and acting like he didn’t exist out of spite is just pathetic and childish. Putting him into the HOF bwould be a GREAT way for the whole Hart family to remember such a tremendous performer and person and Martha needs to realise that. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s the truth, you don’t see Vickie bitching about the WWE after Eddie died (yes he didn’t die in the ring but he still had a lot of personal demons which played a factor in his passing).

    Owen, Davey Boy Smith, Savage, Roberts and Pillman all need to be inducted in the next year or so.

  • Bill

    Can’t they just pay everyone a ton of money to induct these guys? Owen Hart is my favorite Hart!

  • Stevie

    Huh donkster? DDP? Really? From his stellar WWE run as the night stalker with Undertaker? Or what. There are a bunch of people that belong before him and I’m not sure Kevin Nash belongs yet either. I’m a huge supporter of putting Steve Lombardi into the HOF. Why you ask? Think about all the big names he put over in the 80’s and 90’s. He was willing to job nightly so that others could get the limelight. Now that’s a man that loves the industry, and he still works in it. Why not enshrine a man who unselfishly did everything he could to make the business better, that’s the type of people they shouls be honoring.

  • donkster

    Kevin Nash or ddp.would be good as well

  • mabry

    I do think that Warrior deserves the induction… he is one of the few to beat Hogan clean, during Hogan´s prime… he could have been greater if not for hes insanity, which is the one reason why i feel WWE might not go with hes induction, cause he is unfortunately not someone to trust!!!.
    About Owen, i do understand Martha Hart and all, but she should do it for us, the fans, those of us who saw him, and enjoyed hes work, deserve to see him in the HOF.

  • Devil_Rising

    Warrior does not belong in the HoF. Sammartino and Owen, however, as well as Mick Foley, do.

  • My Morning Jacket

    The Hart Family is one of the, if not, the greatest family in wrestling history. Owen deserves to be in the HOF. The Black Hart and MachoMan (Ooohhh Yeahhh DIG IT!) are always the first two names I think of every year of “who to induct”. She’s pissed and hurt because of happened I get that. He’s my favorite wrestler of all time and one of the people that inspired me to wrestle. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I think she’s being a bit selfish in a way of “keeping” Owen to herself.