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WWE to Induct The Kliq?, More Backstage HOF News

– WWE officials had talks last week about inducting either DX or The Kliq – Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, as one group, into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It’s not confirmed that they will go in but it was definitely talked about over the last week.

Bob Backlund was at WWE headquarters in Stamford last week. WWE wants to induct Backlund this year but word is that he has not yet accepted the invite.

Regarding Bruno Sammartino, word within WWE over the last week is they hope to reach out to Bruno again to ask him about being inducted this year. One source believes Triple H is planning to offer to personally travel to Pittsburgh to meet with Bruno.

With all the names floating around for possible induction this year, it’s safe to say nobody is confirmed yet except for Mick Foley. We noted yesterday that Kamala may be the next name announced.

Source: PWInsider

  • CC

    Inducting the Kliq makes no sense as its not an on screen stable, just a group of friends. You might as well induct Shannon Moore and Shane Helms if the Hardy Boys go in, because they had all been friends even longer due to the Omega days.
    DX and NWO are onscreen stables. They should go in, but nothing to do with backstage has a place in the HOF.

  • D2K

    Why should the nWo go into the “WWE” HOF before The Kliq? I agree that the nWo should go in, but not before The Kliq.

    I think inducting people multiple times is a stupid idea anyway considering people like Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake, Demolition, Miss Elizabeth, and many others aren’t even in there yet.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Or how about this:

    Jake Roberts
    Davey Boy Smith
    Dr Death
    Randy Savage

    They take priority over all of the above in my opinion

  • disqus_1xx4WarQjd

    You mean, Triple H wants to induct The Kliq.

  • rabid

    I think its great … Theres no denying what dx and the nwo did for wrestling on screen which is why both groups should be inducted but the kliq as a group and what they did backstage in both the wwf ( i refuse to say e in this context)and wcw helped fuel the additude era and the monday night wars. Lets be honest while some ideas were bad they had the ear of the bookers and it was their ideas that.made those groups great.

  • kawika nui

    I agree about the nWo as if they weren’t formed then DX may of never happened. As for the Kliq it was more of a backstage group of good friends then a stable that wrestled together. I really didn’t hear much if anything about them until Hall and Nash was leaving WWE and they broke characters and celebrated in the ring together on there last night which Vince wasn’t happy about.

  • Jack

    nWo should go in first, but it’s not a Vince creation so that’s probably a no.