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WWE Issues Statement on Angry Mother Report

As reported earlier, TMZ published a story of an angry mother whose child’s sign was destroyed by Alberto Del Rio in Anaheim, CA. this weekend. Since then, WWE has issued a statement to the gossip website.

“While Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were portraying their WWE characters, we sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred.”

  • JohnCena33

    Little kid should be happy, he was mocked by Del Rio, I would be happy as hell and honored if Del Rio did that to me.

  • Racordi Redroguiz

    Man if a wrestler even gave me the acknowledgement to destroy my sign back when I was a kid at shows, it would have been one of the greatest memories to stick with me forever.

    Fucking brats, but I dunno what’s worse, the stupid little tykes or the cuntish mothers who have to cockblock every bit of fun society has to offer.

  • Caity

    @Nick consider Saturday Morning Slam. It’s a show geared toward kids & there’s no head shots allowed so its already happening. For example, Sheamus can’t do the Brogue Kick even though it’s his finishing move that kids are more than familiar with because it’s a head shot. Thankfully it hasn’t affected the other shows yet, but the fact that they ban moves for a “kids show” that are moves that kids already see on the regular show is ridiculous & shows where things are going

  • Butters

    That’s why you bring a sign to WWE events, for the superstars to acknowledge them

  • ##

    That short statement says alot. Someone needs to explain to both mother and child how wrestling works. If she already knows then it’s her fault her kid’s traumatized by this.

  • mtlhitman

    What a joke this generation is lol crying or been upset for a destroyed sign.We have no choice to deal with that crap pg era as been around for a certain time if we are all lucky linda mcmahon lose her senate campaign and wwe bring back the rock and austin and jeff hardy to raise some heel back in wwe austin drinking beer rock insulting wrestling jeff hardy jumping all over the place and get fired for another drug test fail add ryder and santino heel turn and cm punk and vince mcmahon feud grow up and we might have a 14 and plus type of wwe i wish wwe could go back as a private business not an inverstor business.

  • Nick

    This is what WWE gets for targeting kids as fans, WWE needs to focus on the old target audience like males 14 plus and females. I means kids can watch, but they should not be one of the main targets. I dont know about anybody else, but I want the old WWE back. Kids like these are just making it worse, soon we will start to notice no WWE “superstars” ripping signs up, because it upsets kids. Wait til a kids mother e-mails WWE and says “my bitch ass kid cried when CM Punk punched John Cena in the head, hits are not okay to the head”