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- There were no WWE terms or WWE Superstar names listed in Twitter’s Top Topics for 2011.

- The latest “Bring It Back” campaign on WWE’s website is for the old Wrestling Buddies plush toys to be brought back. They wrote:

“Part pillow, part canvas competitor, WWE Wrestling Buddies transcended the WWE Universe into mainstream popularity culture. In fact, in 2011, “Time” magazine’s Time.com included them in its list of “All-Time 100 Greatest Toys” – a ranking of the top toys from 1920 – 2010. Imagine the impact of welcoming the next generation of pint-sized grapplers that might include The Second City “Snuggler” CM Punk, “Almohada” Del Rio or the The World’s Strongest “Pillow-Man” Mark Henry into your personal toy chest. Forget Baby New Year or Father Time. Ignite a true New Year’s revolution and demand to throw down with WWE Wrestling Buddies!”

- Chris Jericho wrote on Twitter today that he was headed to Canada to hang out with a friend. Jericho took a jab at fans who think he will show up at Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Memphis, Tennessee:

“On my way to Calgary to go boarding w @speewee in Louise! (Apparently Memphis is in the Rocky Mountains now) #internetfools”

  • Superman

    1/2/12=12/21/12 the end of the world a prophet shall return to save us the end it begins and it will be the end of the world as we know it . Save us y2j

  • Kiki

    I wouldn’t mind a CM Punk pillow. Don’t know if the boyfriend would like that…though.

  • HBK

    02/01/12 is………………………………………………..

    Brock Lesnar!!!

  • ##

    If anyone wants toy that resembles Mark Henry all you have to do is buy a Curious George stuffed animal.

  • Prince

    Actually, he confirmed on twitter a few weeks ago that he was no longer going to Hawaii, and instead was going boarding in Canada. So no, he didn’t slip up. Either way, he’ll be flying back on Monday.

  • Ron Damon

    I hope that this “Twitter” thing doesn’t give the WWE an iniciative for them to push it harder. Wouldn’t break my heart in the least if Twitter went under in ’12. Yes, yes. I know, wishful thinking.

  • Scott

    It’s Jericho. End of story, and yes he did say a month or two he was going to Hawaii. If you just watch the videos everything adds up to Chris Jericho, and even Chris Jericho said he would return with a new gimmick. Well I remember 2001 when the world was suppose to end, Jericho came out as Y2J during the whole Y2K thing. Well on December 21st, 2012 the world is suppose to end again. Like 2001 right? I just laugh because WWE tries hiding this and they can’t even hide it, we all know it’s Jericho so face it. But it’s not just Jericho, I sense a Stephanie return soon and it could also be this Monday.

    Here is my prediction for RAW this Monday..

    CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Title, CM Punk retains the championship and then the video starts again. Jericho comes out and the rest is history.

    As for my Stephanie predicition I could see her coming back and firing John Laurinaitis just because over the past few weeks he’s not really been somebody I like watching on RAW. This is just something I’m hoping that happens, but I also see her actually coming back with Jericho and as bad as that sounds it’s not really that bad if she’s the one to introduce him to CM Punk after he defeats Ziggler. All in all I’m just ready for her to come back and she was recently asked if she would ever return, she didn’t say no so I sense a return from her it’s just time for a change and then she loses 80 pounds? Why? Because she’s about to return to t.v.

  • LSC


    Hawaii and Calgary are NOT the same place, slip up by Y2J

  • JIR

    well here is just a thought how about we all shut up about this so we can try to enjoy it on Monday

  • Generic Troll

    didn’t he say he was going to Hawaii or something?

  • venom

    It’s nice that Jericho will be on Raw on Monday. I still don’t believe his lies. My son has the NWO Hogan doll.

  • d

    didn’t Jericho say he was gonna be in Hawaii a few months back on 1/2/2012 ? hmmm someone’s not keeping his story straight

  • Stevie P

    I still have my Hogan one in my closet. Love that guy.

  • Bill

    Oh Jericho, your lies humor me. RAW IS JERICHO!!!!!

  • jimbo jones

    any good video montage makers should mix The Dropkick Murphys – coming home to boston with WWE sheamus videos. would work far better than the shite wwe are making

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Haha I remember those things, still have a couple of mine around somewhere. Savage & Kane though I don’t think my Kane was a legit WWF product.

  • CenaOrtonPunk

    I totally want a Cena and Orton one. :)

  • Justin Sane

    Oh hell if they make a randy orton pillow my wife will replace me with it

  • Whatever

    as long the clips are not for undertaker, ryback or something like that and a really good superstar will return I don’t care who it is but jericho would be awesome :)

  • Dave

    Still not buying his protestations. Even if he is off to Canada today. It’s only a quick flight back on Monday.

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