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WWE Offers Rehab to Maven, Reporter on the WrestleMania Buyrate Rumor, More

– After the arrival of Lord Tensai this past week, WWE has published a photo gallery looking at various stars from Japan that have competed in the US including Yoshi Tatsu, Masahiro Chono, Tajiri, Ultimo Dragon, Taka Michinoku, Funkaki, The Great Muta, Jushin Kiger, Mr. Fuji, Hakushi and many others.

– As noted yesterday, ESPN reporter Gus Ramsey wrote on Twitter that he heard WWE’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view did 1.9 million buys. Ramsey wrote these follow-up tweets to fans:

“I trust who I heard it from, but again no confirmation.”

“just something I heard. I’m not a reporter. Just a guy who likes wrestling and knows some people. Could very well be wrong”

“Re: WM28 buy rate. 1- I work at espn, not a reporter. Not the same thing. 2- I heard the number but have no confirmation.”

“haven’t seen anything in writing. so maybe the # is wrong, or I misheard it, but pretty sure that was the # + WWE very happy”

– TMZ reports that WWE has offered paid rehabilitation to former star Maven Huffman, who was arrested earlier this week on prescription drug charges.

  • bloodstone

    Jason stop your crying your just pissed off that old folks home called tna is about to go belly up .when that happens you’ll try to blow smoke up our ass saying you work for wwe

  • Dave

    Lol Jason.. WM 28 was a huge success. Great show and a great Raw followed it. I’ve been as critical of wrestling as much as the next guy the last 10 years. But I drove down to Miami on a whim and left legitimately interested in wrestling again. I used to be solidly behind TNA but let’s face it, since 2006 they have been destroying everything that made them interesting. I enjoyed TNA because I loved the quality of in ring performances, AJ vs Daniels vs Joe etc. That stuff was epic. But WM served as a perfect example why TNA cannot go the “entertainment” route and compete. Plain and simple.. despite WWE’s frequent dissapointments, TNA is still 10 years behind WWE. That is 10 years that they just don’t have. Yes, Yes, Yes.

  • whocares

    Sorry. Typed that on my phone. I see so many mistakes.

  • Whocares

    I’d they can pay for mavens drug charges, I hope they can assist wil kamalas medical bills.

  • fivo goes west

    If maven was caught doing that for something like what was it over a thousand pills you can bet your ass he was just doing them. The boy was dealin. Rehab ain’t gonna do crap for him if after he gets out and still realizes he still needs cash cause he broke.

  • Jason

    Sorry $100 million in gross. Still no way in 2012

  • Jason

    I told you guys it was bullshit.

    Nice going trying to cover up your mark ass bullshit claims Gus. No way in hell any wrestling PPV in 2012 will get over 300 million in PPV sells.