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WWE Officials Confused About Brie Bella, Reason for Tag Title Change on RAW, HIAC Tickets

– Tickets for the WWE Hell In a Cell pay-per-view in Miami are not selling at near a sellout pace.

– WWE officials are disappointed and puzzled that Brie Bella isn’t getting over more as a babyface. They couldn’t understand why there wasn’t more sympathy for Brie when Tamina Snuka was beating her up this past week.

– As noted, Vince McMahon made the decision for Cody Rhodes and Goldust to win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on Monday’s RAW, instead of Hell In a Cell. Apparently Vince wasn’t happy that only heels had titles.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Matthew Farrell

    Didn’t they leave WWE before in order to pursue Hollywood careers? Guess Hollywood doesn’t think highly of their acting ability either. 😛

  • Matthew Farrell

    I really don’t give a a f*** who’s dating Cena or Bryan.

  • MrDr3w

    No offense, but anyone who thinks BRIE Bella is dating John Cena has no right to comment on this article anymore.

  • los322

    Maybe her acting as a face isn’t as believable as her acting like a bitch?? Or she maybe just plain sucks at acting? Who knows

  • Trevor Donovan Allen

    No she’s not. Nikki is.

  • AFC1886

    I thought the Bella’s were heels…


    You know if itcwas actually a cared about storyline that made her become a babyface and not everyone thinking oh she getting this babyface push because she is with cena. It might would’ve mattered. And the fact that the women’s division is so boring now. I mean u have one diva that gets over because she’s manipulative cunning and crazy. Pg era killed character development

  • Hotcakes

    probably cause she is a bitch

  • chronoxiong

    Why should I cheer for Brie when she has and always been a heel? Hello?????

  • Solid

    It’s like “look John Cena’s girlfriend! Surprise face turn!” yeah that was totally going to work.

  • ddfindl

    It’s called a tweener

  • xXx

    they didn’t even build her up as a baby face on tv. when i say on tv i mean raw/smackdown/nxt NOT that other show where they show an alternate universe where everyone are friends.

    and they’re still acting kinda heelish anyway (besides the backstage segments) and wtf was that tag match between the dino girls with brie vs kaitlyn, nattie and eva? so.. does that mean nattie and kaitlyn turned heel or did eva also turn face and its one of them face vs face tag matches or my mind is actually starting to not care anymore. BRING PAIGE UP PLX

  • Prince

    Maybe Brie isn’t over as a face, because they’ve done nothing to get her over except make it known that she’s Bryan’s fiancee. Also there’s the fact that she’s one of the Bella Twins and really no one has ever taken them seriously. Easier to hate them. They’ll have to try a lot harder to get them to become likable.

  • CC

    Thing is though, in AJs case, she is a brilliant heel but because people like her so much, they forget they are supposed to boo her. Its pretty similar with guys like Jericho.

  • Omar

    And they must also be wondering why AJ is getting cheered. What is wrong with these people?